Grand Duchy of Broslavia

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Grand Duchy of Broslavia
Flag of Grand Duchy of Broslavia
Coat of arms of Grand Duchy of Broslavia
Coat of arms
Motto: Fratres Aeternum (Latin: Brotherhood Eternal)
Anthem: "May God Always Bless Broslavia"
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Van Horn, Texas; Plutonian System
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Van Horn, Texas; Plutonian System
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Census
14 citizens; 20 territorial residents
Time zoneMountain Time; Central Time; Plutonian Time;

The Grand Duchy of Broslavia is a micronation founded and based in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico; it also has a province in Texas, a province in Belgium, a territory in the United Kingdom and claims sovereignty over the Plutonian system. It is an absolute monarchy ruled by His Majesty Grand Duke Jacob Felts. It was founded on July 27th 2014 on the values of brotherhood, tolerance, respect, and equality. While still a fledgling nation, Broslavia has made great strides so far and hopes to one day be counted among the micronational superpowers of the world.


The word Broslavia comes from "bro" meaning brotherhood, and "slavia" meaning land of; therefore, Broslavia means "Land of Brotherhood".


The Grand Duchy of Broslavia was formed on July 27, 2014 out of the ashes of the former Republic of Broslavia, which failed do to it's cumbersome and ineffective legislature. The Grand Duchy solved this by instituting rule by decree.

At first the Grand Duchy of Broslavia consisted of only one province, the Province of Feltasia; however, this changed with the annexation of New Southland on December 2, 2014. HM Lord Henry Roberts was appointed as the Lord of New Southland and quickly rose to prominence in Broslavian politics. He was appointed as the captain of the newly formed Royal Guard that same day, and on December 7, 2014 was appointed as heir apparent to the throne of Broslavia since the Grand Duke does not have any children at this time.

On The 27th of the January of 2015 the Grand Duchy of Broslavia obtained its first crown dependency of the Kingdom of Pluto. It encompasses the whole of the planet Pluto, and the title of King of Pluto now accompanies the title of Grand Duke of Broslavia.

On the 26th of July 2015 Broslavia acquired a third province. The Province of Bastille Kells-Falls, located in Van Horn, Texas, was added to the territories of the Grand Duchy.

On the 5th of September 2015 Broslavia acquired a territory. The Territory of Birchland, located in Honiton, Devon, UK, was added to the Grand Duchy.

On the 19th of September 2015 Broslavia acquired a fourth province. The Province of Sint-Servatus, located near Namur, Wallonia, Belgium.

Government and politics

The Grand Duchy of Broslavia is an absolute monarchy in which the Grand Duke holds total power. That being said, there are two advisory councils to the Grand Duke. The Royal Council is comprised of all nobles holding at least the title of Baron, and it advises the Grand Duke on various issues. The Citizens Council is an opportunity for Broslavian citizens to petition their monarch. There are also three ministries which help deal with specific administrative functions of the Broslavian government. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for providing transportation for official government business, the Ministry of Science is in charge of conducting experiments and research to further our scientific knowledge, and the Ministry of Education is in charge of educating people both within Broslavia and about Broslavia. The biggest responsibility of the Ministry of Education is providing honorary PhDs through our department at the University of Knumbscull. Besides the Grand Duke the most influential people in Broslavian Government are local nobles. Local nobility, and specifically lords and ladies, are responsible for much of the day to day happenings and administration of their provinces.

Law and order

There has never been a crime committed within the Grand Duchy; however, if this were to happen the Royal Council is authorized to act as a court. The conviction of any person would require a simple majority vote by the nobles. The Grand Duke has the power to sentence any convicted persons.

Foreign relations

Broslavia has made foreign relations with several nations; this includes several informal diplomatic correspondences with the Republic of Molossia, a formal alliance with the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, and a treaty of mutual recognition with Zelcia Royaume and New Nicaea.


The Armed Forces of Broslavia is divided into two separate branches. One is the Royal Guard, which is in charge of the defence of the Grand Duke and largely performs a ceremonial purpose. The second branch is the First Volunteer Division, which is a volunteer unit which forms the backbone of the Broslavian defence force. Both branches are armed with cardboard replicas of AK47's which shoot rubber bands as their primary weapon, and similar replicas of Glock 17's as their secondary weapon.

Geography and climate

"Broslavia Proper", a name used to refer to those provinces located within Albuquerque, New Mexico, has an arid desert climate with cool winters and hot summers. The Province of Bastille Kells-Fall, which is located in Van Horn, Texas, has an arid or semiarid climate.


Broslavia currently has one industry with one company in said industry. The industry is the arms manufacturing. The company currently active in this industry is Broslavian Arms Manufacturing, a royally owned company.


A defining aspect of Broslavian culture is the values which Broslavians share with each other. First and foremost on the list of Broslavian values is, of course, brotherhood. This is a brotherhood that extends to all, regardless of race, religion, background or culture. This brotherhood leads to the values of tolerance, respect, and equality. The tolerance which this breeds is a true tolerance, not the kind bred by political correctness and "color blindness". It is instead a tolerance found in a thirst for knowledge and learning about others' cultures in order to bring about understanding and cultural sensitivity. The respect likewise comes from learning of each others' differences and learning to agree to disagree, to live and let live; in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what business is it of mine?"And the equality refers to the idea that this brotherhood extends to all. No matter what. Another important aspect of Broslavian culture are the uniquely Broslavian holidays which are celebrated. The first is Foundation Day, which is celebrated on July 27 to commemorate the foundation of the Grand Duchy. The second is the Festival of Bread, which is celebrated on December 27. It is celebrated with the sharing of home baked loaves of bread to symbolize brotherhood and community.


The main news source in the Grand Duchy of Broslavia is the Broslavian Times, a blog on the main website devoted to Broslavian news. It is highly trusted and regarded by the Broslavian people.

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