Grand Duchy of Hilde-Stanton

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Grand Duchy (Electorate)
Flag of Hilde-Stanton
Dilexi iustitiam et odivi iniquitatem
(Love justice and hate iniquity)
The Grand Duchy within the Holy Empire
The Grand Duchy within the Holy Empire
Annexed into the Holy Empire
Formation of Hilde-Stanton
1 March 2013
1 June 2015
 • Grand Duke of Hilde-StantonMarkus Pius

Gregory VII is the patron saint of the Grand Duchy of Hilde-Stanton.

The Grand Duchy of Hilde-Stanton was an elector state within the Holy Empire of New Israel.


In late 2012, the former Freihetian Empire claimed the lands of Hilde-Stanton, which were at the time divided between two provinces: Hildebrandt and Stantongrad. Both of these provinces were in turn part of a larger "Kingdom of West Stanton". This Kingdom was called West because the city of Stanton proper belonged to a separate kingdom of the Freihetian Empire (the Sullivan Republic).

The Freihetian Empire was followed by the Holy Empire of New Israel, which was established on 1 March 2013. Immediately, the territory of 'West Stanton' became part of the Holy Empire along with all the former possessions of Freihetia.

The unusual and confusing territorial situation in Stanton was resolved when the Holy Empire was established. A map dating to 2013 shows that Hildebrandt province ceased to exist, and the city of Stanton had been removed from the Sullivan Republic. The province of Stantongrad became simply "Stanton", and the city of Stanton as well as the province of Hildebrandt were merged into this single entity.

At some point in between, the province of Hildebrandt was revived and separated once more from Stanton.

On 14 May in the year of our Lord 2015, the Emperor applied further reforms to the states of the Empire. Stanton and Hildebrandt were again merged, but to temper any suggestions of separation later on, the new state was styled "Hilde-Stanton" to honor both regions of one imperial state.

On 4 January 2018, the Grand Duke of Hilde-Stanton was deposed for being an active Protestant, and his office was taken by the Grand Inquisitor.

Hilde-Stanton ceased to exist, ipso facto, when New Israel itself was dissolved on 16 August 2018.


Throughout its history, Hilde-Stanton has been led by the Grand Duke.

  • Landon (1 June 2015 - 4 January 2018) [deposed]
  • Markus Pius (4 January 2018 – 16 August 2018)

In spite of the deposition of the long-standing (but gravely inactive and disinterested) Landon, and his replacement by the Grand Inquisitor, the fate of the Grand Duchy of Hilde-Stanton, and all of its titles, was under review by the Holy Office and the provisional government of New Israel, until the decision was made to dissolve New Israel and Hilde-Stanton by extension.



The flag of Hilde-Stanton was promulgated by Emperor Markus in April 2016. The flag of Hilde-Stanton is red with the heraldric symbol of a river stretching from the left to right side. In the Holy Empire, the river symbol in the context of Hilde-Stanton represents the imperial state's proximity to the Meramec River. The flag of Hilde-Stanton was based on the flag of St. Louis.


Pope Gregory VII, patron saint of Hilde-Stanton

A portion of the epitaph of Pope Saint Gregory VII was chosen as the motto of Hilde-Stanton. First, the motto itself - "Love justice and hate iniquity" - is a Christian principle. Second, Gregory VII was born with the name Hildebrand (which means that the imperial state of Hilde-Stanton bears his namesake, even though it was not named after Gregory VII, but rather the House of Hildebrandt, a former noble family within the Holy Empire).