Grand Duchy of New Luxembourg

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Flag of the Grand Duchy of New Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of New Luxembourg is a micronation located between the Delaware River and the Susquehanna River. The territory, while vast, is merely used as a way of Protecting the Grand Duke/Duchess’ real life home.

System of Government

The Grand Duchy of New Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy, the Grand Duchess and Duke are limited by the Constitution of the nation. Which states that the Duchess holds the power to overrule any decisions made by the citizens and or Parliament. Elective positions include Parliament Member and Prime Minister, the Prime Minister once elected appoints Cabinet Ministers to the various ministries within the Grand Duchy. The legislature of the nation is of course a Parliamentary system which is made up of elective representatives from each of the six provinces of New Luxembourg.

"The Grand Duchess is the leader of the nation. She is overruling monarch. Her position of power can never be elected, however all other political position will be elected via voting of the people (citizens)"



The founding of New Luxembourg occurred on the 12th of June, 2019. When Duchess Mayumi [I] made the brave decision to declare independence and officially break away from Canada. (Though, this wasn’t their actual location, in reality, Mayumi broke away from Pennsylvania.


The Expansion of New Luxembourg started when they laid claim to the territory of Auckland island, south of New Zealand. Next, they claimed small islands of Alaska. They also laid claim to small islands near the Philippines and one island south of Japan. However, most of these claims were merely symbolic, and held no real value.


By the beginning of August, 2019, the Grand Duchy was officially disbanded. Once the official discord, a main hub for the Nations activities, was shut down it was over. And for a whole year it lay dormant.


On the night of August 6th, 2020, Grand Duke/Duchess Mayumi reformed the nation, under the title of “The 2nd Grand Duchy of New Luxembourg.

The Incorporation of New Holland

Before the reformation of New Luxembourg, a friend of the Grand Duke/Duchess was informed of the nation, and added their region into the Duchy. The Protectorate of New Holland, located in New Holland Pennsylvania.

Declaration of Independence

"We hold many truths. One of which is the ability to seceding from a nation we do not want to be associated with anymore. And that truth will be used today. On this day, June 12th, 2019 we will be leaving officially the nation known only as Canada.Our reason for this independence is due to the problems with Justin Trudeau and a problem I see in Canada’s future. They seem to think that the children of old prime ministers can be just as good as the prime minister they are birthed from. To that I say neigh. They do not deserve the spot just because they are related by blood. Canada does not deserve this issue. So we will be leaving and Forming the Country of New Luxembourg. We will hold the truth that I, Duchess Mayumi will hold this one thing true. After my passing on, the country shall disband and rejoin Canada. For the reason is because my nation is simply my pleasure, I do not want it taken by any greedy man or women. And so this is where we part Canada. May you hopefully prosper." -Mayumi


Bill of Rights

Heads of State

The Current head of State is Grand Duke/Duchess Mayumi.