Grand Duchy of Portucale

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Portucale, formally known as the Grand Duchy of Portucale, is a sovereign state often known as a Micronation by outside observers, is an Absolute Monarchy established on the 3rd of December 2021.

Grand Duchy of Portucale
Grão-Ducado de Portucale
Temporary Flag of the Republic
CapitalPortus Cale
Official languagesEnglish, Portuguese
Organizational structureUnitary Absolute Monarchy
• Grand Duke
Colin of Portucale
• Prime Minister
None Elected/Appointed
Council of State
Assembly of State
• Republic Foundation
3rd of December 2021
• Monarchy Foundation
15th of December 2021
• 2021 estimate
Purported currencyEuro
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy


Republic Period (3rd of December 2021 - 15th of December 2021)

The Republic was founded by President Colin of Portucale on the 3rd of December 2021 as a Semi-Presidential Republic. In this time the Government was founded and other aspects like the military was set up.

Monarchy Establishment Period (15th of December 2021 - Present)

President Colin decides to change the political composition of the nation by turning it from a Semi-Presidential Republic to an Absolute Monarchy, still allowing a Prime Minister to be elected.

Government and Politics

The Government of Portucale consists of the Assembly of the State (the Lower House) and the Council of State (the Upper House) and is commanded by Prime Minister respectively.

Political Parties

Royal Family

The Royal Family is the family of the Grand Duke/Duchess of Portucale and they support the Grand Duke in his or her role as well as having royal duties over the nation.

Foreign Affairs



The primary currency of the nation is the Euro.

Culture and Media

As Portucale is a small micronation it currently doesn't have much of a national culture.


The nation is defenced by the Armed Forces of Portucale (consisting of an Army, Navy, Air Force and Presidential Guard) as well as the National Police Force.

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