Grand Duchy of Prsänëa/ag

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Persanland, fully the Great Aldermanry of Persanland (forshortened: GAP; English: Grand Duchy of Prsänëa; Persanian: Voocelanp Granvarë Persänëta; French: Grand-Duché de Persanie; Esperanto: Granda Duklando de Persejnio), is a theedkinish kingship begun on Afterlithe 18th, 2012, when James E Wilary was put on the edstarted kingseat of the dead Kingly edhued Folkdoms of Americksland, which was followingly eftshiplayed for the new theedish name of "Prsänëa" as an everyday Great Aldermanry. The theed is made up of bits from the Small Stronghold, the Almainish Highkingdom, the Banded Kingdom, and Mickleborough.