Grand Duchy of Taughmaconnell

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Flag of Taughmaconnell
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesIrish
100% Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Samuel the First
LegislatureThe Grand Council of State
Independence from Ireland
• Declaration of Independence as the Kingdom of Connaught
7th April 2019
• Grand duchy established
22nd of May 2019
• Current government established
14th of February 2020
• Total
4.6 km2 (1.8 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Density
22/km2 (57.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
1300 euro (2020)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+1 (Irish Standard Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideleft
Calling code+353

The Grand Duchy of Taughmaconnell or Taughmaconnell (Irish: Teach Mhic Conaill, meaning "MacConaill's house") is a small micronation located primarily in Taughmaconnell but also holds territory in Ballagh near Balinasloe, Ireland. The nation is an absolute monarch ruled by Samuel the First with the help of the Grand Council of State.

The micronation has a population of almost 100 with 30 citizens. It was refounded by former King Samuel after a long period of inactivity.


The government is an absolute monarchy however the Monarch gives up some of his power to the Grand Council of State. General Elections are held every two weeks for a quarter of the seats each time.

The Monarch

The monarch is Head of State and Main Head of Government. The office of monarch is elective however a successor must be chosen from among relatives by the Grand Council. Terms are for life and only end on death or abdication. Powers of the Monarch include the power to declare war, power to dissolve the Grand Council, the power to dismiss any member of government and the power to pass any and all legislation with the approval of the Grand Council. Responsibilities include managing most day to day running's of the country, leading the army, opening sessions of the council and managing foreign affairs of the country

The Grand Council

Grand Council of State.svg The Grand Council; 1 February general election

  Monarchic Centrist Party: 7 seats
  Conservative Party: 4 seats
  The Green Party: 3 seats
  The Social Democratic Workers Party: 2 seats
  The Anti Monarchist Party: 3 seats
  The Farmers Party: 2 seats

The current government is a Monarchist Centrist and Conservative coalition government, with the Green-SDWP electoral alliance being the main opposition. The government is also supported by The Farmers Party. The current Leader of the House is Big Ducky.

The Grand Councils main role is advising the Monarch however it also has limited governmental and judicial powers. In theory the Grand Council can make any decision it wants but every decision needs to be approved by the Monarch first.

Elections are held every week with 1 quarter of the seats being filled every election. The council must meet at least once every 3 days.


Early 2019

In early 2019 the first seedling was sown. The Kingdom of Connaught was declared. A website and discord were quickly set up, followed by a micro wiki page and embassies. Many say this all happened to fast as shortly after the government collapsed.

The Democratic Republic of Taughmaconnell wa then declared however it was a de-facto dictatorship as elections were impossible to complete, nobody was interested in participating. However the President fought on and eventually decided to bring back the old Kingdom of Connaught. This was quickly renamed to Roscommon however a long period of inactivity settled in and the future was not looking good.

Mid 2019

The Grand Duchy was declared and a new era began for the young nation. The first parliamentary elections were called and the first parliament assembled soon after. Activity picked up. This is considered Taughmaconnells golden age. They joined the Organisation Of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union) soon after. However this was not to last. The OAM died and with it the nation. People once again became inactive and the government collapsed soon after.

Late 2019

New life came to the nation after an offer came from a large organisation to incorporate us into there mock government wing. This picked up activity again and the 3rd Parliament of Roscommon assembled and selected a prime minister. However this offer never happened and soon after the nation died completely. While never officially dissolved this was the last mention many had heard from the monarch until the 14th of February the next year.

Early 2020

For the first few months of 2020 continued inactivity stayed. However in February the nation was revived as the Grand Duchy of Taughmaconnell. An election was called for the new advisory Grand Council with Monarchist-Centrist-Conservative coalition gaining power.

Laws Passed in the Grand Duchy of Taughmaconnell

work in progress

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