Grand Empire of Fuzzel

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The Grand Empire of Fuzzel was a short-lived micronation created by the unification of the Empire of Somple, Kingdom of Belaronia, and several smaller local nations.

Grand Empire of Fuzzel
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Grand Empire of Fuzzel]]
Motto: United till death
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Establishment22 March 2009
• Census
CurrencyEvans Crown


During the Somplenese-Molossian War, a declaration of war upon the Republic of Molossia was made by the Empire of Somple, the Kingdom of Belaronia, and the semi-independent Somplenese colony of POMHB. The war severely damaged Somple's internation standing, and so it and Belaronia surrendered to Molossia, but POMHB refused to do so. In order to end the war, Somple and Belaronia together invaded and conquered POMHB to force it to surrender, with Belaronia annexing 90% of POMHB but Somple only annexing 10%. On 11 March 2009, Somplenese chancellor Leopold Evans went to war with Belaronia over the amount of land it had gained from POMHB. Belaronia was defeated and left as a rump state, with POMHB and the majority of Belaronia divided up into the Somplenese puppet states of Ribonia, Wakamatsu, and Callenum.

On 22 March 2009, Kevin I of Somple and Leopold Evans merged Somple with Belaronia, the three aforementioned puppet states, and another local micronation named Kurashi to form the Grand Empire of Fuzzel. Kevin I was declared its emperor and Evans its chancellor.

On 24 March 2009, the Zinzendorf Congress began, with several Fuzzillian leaders discussing the content of the constitution of the new nation. Kevin I supported the idea of armed neutrality, which Evans opposed. Other topics discussed included the allocation of power within the government, the organisation of the legislature, and the size of the military. On 1 April, during the Congress, Evans led the Militarist Party in purging the Congress of most members of the Liberal-Conservative Compromise Party.

On 2 April, Kevin I, now deprived of support, abdicated as Emperor of Fuzzel. Evans was elected his successor as Emperor Leopold Evans of Fuzzel. Later that day, Leopold brought Fuzzel into the Altanian War by declaring war on the Republic of North Altania.

On 4 April, former emperor Kevin I was appointed the Fuzzillian foreign minister. On 6 April, he made a speech urging withdrawal from the Altanian War and expressing hope for peace. The following day, Leopold Evans abdicated after being declared bipolar. With little support from the population, Kevin withdrew Fuzzel from the war. With its government in chaos, Fuzzel dissolved later that day.


The Nine Unchangeable Laws of Somple were adopted in Fuzzel and were a cornerstone of its law. A constitution was intended to be written, but never got past the planning stage. The emperor was head of state as absolute monarch. The office of chancellor existed as head of government, but it is unclear how much power this position was given.

Fuzzel had up to nine political parties, but three major ones. The Fuzzel Militarist Party was led by (or at least supported) Evans, and purged the Zinzendorf Congress of the Liberal-Conservatives in order to force the abdication of Kevin I. The Liberal-Conservative Compromise Party were supporters of Kevin I, and can be assumed to have advocated compromises between opposing liberal and conservative views. The third major party was the Imperialist Party.