Empire of Lanzantonia

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Empire of Lanzantonia (eng)
Reich von Lanzantonia (de)


Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Anthem: God Save the Emperor
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Francis I
Establishment13 December 2017
• Census
Member of the UMA

The Empire of Lanzantonia, (more commonly referred to simply as Lanzantonia) is a micronation located in the south-western United States and northern England. The original incarnation of the state existed from December 2017 to November 2018, when the state dissolved. From late 2018 to late 2019, the title of Emperor of Lanzantonia was held in auxiliary by the monarch of Phokland. This would change however, and following a successful invasion of the Kingdom of Gendarania by the Empire of Emosia the former Kingdom's land would be partitioned with the lion's share going to the newly formed Empire of Kyberia. A small bit however (adding up to roughly 6 square meters of land) was sceeded to the Lanzantonian crown, thus re-establishing the nation as an independent proxy state of Kyberia.


Lanzantonia has existed continuously in some capacity since December of 2017. Since this founding, the state has changed a great deal both internally and in regards to its relationship with the greater micronational community.

Original nation

The empire was established on 13 December 2017 under the name Presidential Republic of Lanzantonia. As the name suggests, the nation was a democratic republic with Francis I serving as the nations first Premier, then President. It was during this time that the building blocks of the nation were placed, with several federal institutions being created. This included the creation of a legislative body and a foreign ministry.

The ladder of which proved to be quite important as Lanzantonia soon entered into relations with the (then) People's Republic of Phokland who had returned from hiatus shortly after Lanzantonia's founding. This relationship would prove both tumultuous and beneficial for both nations as after being inspired by Phokland's subsequent shift to a Principality, President Perkins (with the approval of the legislature) was crowned as Emperor and the republic was reorganized into an Empire in April of 2018.

This change in foreign policy served to greatly isolate the state from intermicronational affairs and this (among other things) greatly contributed to the nation being viewed as unprofessional and "toxic" within the community.


The foreign tensions built up over time, and eventually would reach a boiling point. The "point" would be reached in mid-November 2018 when long growing malcontent between Lanzantonia and its ally Phokland reached a dangerous high. This inevitably manifested in a falling out between the nations and the Empire becoming even more shut out of diplomatic affairs. This led the nation to begin acting out by becoming hostile towards any nation or person who openly criticized it. This greatly hurt the nation's reputation and because of this, many members of the state began throwing around the idea of dissolution. This idea became more popular within Lanzantonia and eventually led to the Emperor deciding to end the nation. This was finalized on 30 November 2018 when (after ceding all physical territory back to their respective "macronations") the Empire of Lanzantonia was officially dissolved.


Immediately following dissolution, the majority of Lanzantonia's former assets were transferred to the Republic of Indecencia (of which Perkins had become President). In addition, the title of "Emperor of Lanzantonia" was maintained and gifted to Prince Charles of Phokland as thanks for his help during the nation's dissolution.

The Indecencian project would eventually fold and Perkins and Charles would end up working together on the ill fated Kingdom of Gendarania (with Charles becoming monarch and Francis becoming Governor General). This arrangement would continue until the November 2019 annexation of the Kingdom by the Empire of Kyberia.


In November 2019, the Kingdom of Gendarania collapsed after a subsequent invasion by the Empire of Emosia (now the Empire of Kyberia). This situation led to a small allotment of land remaining unclaimed. It was decided by the victorious Kyberia that the land would be gifted to Phokland to do with what they wished. Unable to take on this new claim, Phokland gave the land to Perkins who subsequently declared it (and his house in Great Britain) as the Empire of Lanzantonia, thus re-establishing the nation.


Islands that make up the Lanzantonia claim in the Americas.

The geography of the two territories that make up Lanzantonia very greatly. The area of land in the United States is primarily desolate and void of life. The territory is rocky and almost impossible to cultivate. The territory in the United Kingdom on the other hand is easily cultivated and rich in plant life. The area is often rainy and has a mild temperature.


The government of the new empire is functionally the same as the government under the old empire. This means that the state is an absolute monarchy with all power vested in the Emperor. It is through the monarch that all ministers and government officials are appointed and dismissed.


As Lanzantonia is an absolute monarchy, the ruler has virtually unlimited control within the nation (with the only checks on power coming from the Empire of Kyberia who claims dominion over Lanzantonia).


The monarch of the Empire of Lanzantonia may assume one of two possible titles upon being sworn in depending on the individual's biological sex (if an individual is transgender, they will receive the title appropriate to their post-transitional gender).

These titles include:

Sex Title Style
Male Emperor His Imperial and Most Serene, Elegant and Eminent Majesty
Female Empress Her Imperial and Most Serene, Elegant and Eminent Majesty

List of Monarchs

Photo Name Reign Royal House
Emperor Francis I 1 January 2018 - incumbent

House of Perkins

Charles I, Tsar of Lanzantonia 19 November 2018 - 18 February 2019

House of Ross

Sean I of Lanzantonia 18 February 2019 - 5 November 2019

House of Griffith

Foreign relations

The Empire currently maintains diplomatic relations (mostly in the form of mutual recognition treaties) with several states, mainly ones that were allies of Lanzantonia prior to it's initial dissolution.

States with mutual recognition:

States recognized by Lanzantonia:

  • All UN member states


The culture of the nation is heavily influenced by its large Anglo-Saxon population. This often culminates in many aspects of European (most commonly British) culture making their way into popular usage within Lanzantonia. Due to the nation's physical geography, Lanzantonia's culture is also influenced by southern and south-western American ideas.