Grand Monarchy of Osneau

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Grand Monarchy of Osneau
Flag of Grand Monarchy of Osneau
Coat of arms of Grand Monarchy of Osneau
Coat of arms
Motto: "The roots of the Oak bring us strength."
Anthem: "Osneau The Wise"
LocationTennessee, United States
Largest ProvinceVenzor
Other languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Zander I
Establishment8 August 2021
• Total
1,016.441 sq mi (2,632.57 km2)
• Census
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)

The Grand Monarchy of Osneau, often referred to simply as Osneau, is a small micronation located in Tennessee, United States, east of Nashville. It was formed on 8 August 2021. It is led by King Zander I and has 3 provinces: Stamford, Venzor, and the capital, Ranchettia. Its dukes are as follows; Duke Jaime of Stamford, Duke Gus of Venzor, Berxley fell on 19/09/21 (DD/MM/YY).


The nation holds an election for the duke every 5 years, if the duke is impeached a prince/princess will hold the title until the next election, duke may run 3 times, the title of Duke of Ranchettia goes to the 2nd youngest child (in the current case it goes to the 3rd youngest as Prince Deegan does not take any claim to the throne).

National Symbols

National Tree: English Oak

National Fruit: Peach

National Animal: Deer

National Bird: Dove

National Colour: Red

National Flower: Black-Eyed Susan

National Sport: Tube Catch

National Motto: "The roots of the Oak bring us strength."

National Anthem: Osneau the Wise

Capital Province: Ranchettia

Political Parties

As of 19/09/21 (DD/MM/YY), political parties in Osneau have been abolished.

Title Holders

Kings/Queens - Zander I (2021-)

Prince(sse)s - Deegan (No claim), Emelya (2021-)

Dukes/Duchesses - Quinton Sweeney (Berxley Aug.2021-Sep.2021), Jaime Hernandez (Stamford 2021-), Gus Chenoweth (Venzor 2021-)

Knights - Aiden Lenhardt

Land Claims

Osneau has 1 big land claim and 3 provinces within it, Stamford, Venzor, and Ranchettia.

The land surrounds the palace in which the royal family lives.

Osneau also claims Bransfield Island (now called Warlington, and a small piece of land at the tip of Antarctica, which is claimed as a colony. Osneau also holds a colony called Jaksborough in Michigan.