Grand Principality of Belakray

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Grand Principality of Belakray


Coat of Arms

Ars summum gaudium

Belakray territories

Established Date25 August 2021
Official language(s)Ukrainian , English and Esperanto

Form of governmentConstitutional monarchy(until 23:59 December 29, 2021), Princely Dictatorship (until February 6, 2021), Absolutely monarchy(today; approved on 11.01.2023)
- Grand PrinceAndriy-Ludwig Hubert
- Primary Maldgrandprince Kastus Tolstoy
Advisory bodyKunveno
LegislatureAndriy-Ludwig Hubert
ExecutiveMinistrat(by necessity)

The Belakray or Grand principality of Belakray is an arbitrary sovereign community established in Antarctica. Belakray was founded by Grand Prince Andriy-Ludwig as a creative and diverse arts and cultural project and environmental protection national organization declaring Antarctica as its territory, which is clearly stated in its constitution to support the creative aspirations of its people.


the word Belakray comes from the Esperanto bela - white, and the Ukrainian kray - country, region. This name means that the country is located in the Antarctic, which is covered with white ice, and symbolizes the union of the Ukrainian and Esperanto languages ​​in the principality


The state was founded on December 27, 2021, when the Constitution of the Grand principality of Belakray was published. Grand Prince Andriy-Ludwig began to form a parliament (Kunveno), but Prime Malgrandprince left the country before the official creation, so on December 30, 2021, in connection with the political crisis, Grand Duke introduced the "Princely Dictatorship", under which all power passed into his hands , so from then until today in the country of absolutism.

Administrative division

Diplomatic Relations

As of the beginning of 2023, the Principality maintains close diplomatic relations with the The Holy Esgeldian Tsardom, Republic of Witoldia, Kingdom of Albia, United Republic of Obscurium and other.Esgeldia is the closest ally of Belakray, who is involved in establishing the statehood of the principality.On October 20, 2022, the first official meeting between the Grand Prince and president of Obscurium Zar Antonov in Kiel. In March 2023, the Nation took part at the 5th Declaration Day of Obscurium in northern Germany and made friendship with Ethos Island and the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary.