Grand Principality of New Hanover Monarchy

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Grand Prince/Princess of Grand Principality of New Hanover
Prince Eugene I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveCrown Count August
First monarchPrince Eugene I
Formation3 June 2018

The Monarchy was formed and established the 3 June 2018. The Grand Prince/Princess is the head of state of Grands Principality of New Hanover and the title was given to the current Emperor's father and is now given to the paternal side of the Imperial Family. The Grand Prince/Princess can choose his/her heir to the throne as long it is a person within paternal side of the Imperial family. Right now the Grand Prince of New Hanover is Eugene I. The heir to the throne is called the Crown Count of New Hanover, and may also hold the title of Count of Oxford if the recipient is over 5 years of age.

Powers and duties

The Grand Prince/Princess has the power to

  • Appoint/Vest titles of nobility with approval of the Emperor


  • His/Her Princly Grace

Line of Succession

Simple gold crown.pngliving members

Coronet of a Child of the Sovereign.svgCurrent Grand Prince

Line of succession