Grant Taylor

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Grant Taylor

Concedi Taylor

King of Bavaria
Established office
31 December 2021 - Current
Predecessor Office reestablished

Zyva Prime Minister
Assumed office
10 October 2022 - Current
Deputy Prime Minister Evan Lynch
Predecessor Micheal Langley

President of Aksana
Assumed office
25 August 2022 - current
Predecessor Office established

President of Averna
Established office office
20 March 2022 - 23 June 2022
Successor Elizabeth Snowie Langley

Secretary General of the Global Anti McKeenist Organization
Selected for office
19 November 2022 - Current
Personal information
Born 14 August 2008
Westerly, RI
Citizenship American
Rhode Islander


Ethnicity Italian American
Political party Aksanin Democratic-Republican Party
Worker's Freedom Party of Zeprana
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Snowie Langley
Occupation Micronationalist
Religion Irreligion
Military service
Nickname(s) The grand todo fan
Allegiance Republic of Averna
In service 1 year
Battles/wars Dilu War
Averan Civil War
2022 Arcadian War of Liberation
Zeprano-Elarian War

Grant Taylor (Italian: Concedi Taylor) is a American High School Student, Artist, and Micronational politician from Northest United States, Rhode Island. Grant is known for creating the First Republic of Averna, his founding of the United New England Micronations, and for his Anti-McKeenist actions.

Before Grant joined MicroWiki he was part of the Five Nights at Freddy's and Portal Series fandoms and was also into World Nation Politics, which lead to on December 31, 2021 The Kingdom of Bavaria being established by Grant. His family origins come from the European Continent more specifically Germany and Italy.

Grant stands by a quote from Space Battleship Yamato 2202 which is "I want to be human too, not matter what fate awaits us. Until my last moment" by character Saki Todo[1] in the show, which the quote Grant respects and usesmas a personal motto of his.

Despite all the nations he claims to be apart of, his main two micronations are the Republic of Aksana and the Principality of Shiveryia.

Micronational career

Grant's Political Compass

Before Grant got into micronationalism, he founded the Kingdom of Bavaria on 31 December 2021. Later he joined microwiki founding the Republic of Richmondia, which was ended and later became modern day Averna. Later during the Averan Civil War, Grant and the Averan Confederation President Elizabeth Snowie Langley stopped fighting because both found a common ground when Terry McKeen III tried to join the Confederate side of Averan Civil War.

In more recent years he has made a plan to put his micronationalism era to a end at some point, as it is slowly according to Grant Taylor "going to hell with so many little kids making micronations which are so immature its not funny.."

Military Campaigns

Grant has only partaken in 3 wars which are The Dilu War, The Averan Civil War, and The Zeprano-Elarian War, but despite this he does not start Military Campaigns because in his opinion micronational war is a stupid thing that is mostly immature.[2]

Non-Notable Quotes

  • "As a wise person once said, I want to be human, too. No matter what fate awaits us. Until my last moment." - April 29, 2023
  • "A man, a woman, a non-binary, we are all still people no matter what we go by and I will respect those who stand by their own titles." - March 13, 2023
  • "A McKeenist and a state who shares the same ideologies to a McKeenist state are McKeenist, and there is nothing you can say to change that." - January 17, 2023