Grayson Administrative Region

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Grayson State Autonomous Administrative Region
Grayson Administrative Region
Flag of Grayson Administrative Region
CapitalGrayson City
GovernmentAutonomous federally administered
Grayson Moore
LegislatureExecutive Council
15 December 2022
28 May 2023
• Total
0.009518 km2 (0.003675 sq mi) (115th)

The Grayson Administrative Region (abbr. GAR) officially known as the Grayson State Autonomous Administrative Region (abbr. GSAAR) is a territorial region in the Arstotzkan Union that has special administrative privileges.

It was established by the Grayson Administrative Region and Autonomous Region Establishment Act 2023 which allowed the former nation of Grayson Country to become an autonomous region of the Eastern Arstotzkan State of the Arstotzkan Union. Although its a region in the Arstotzkan Union the Executive Councillor, Grayson Moore has a seat on the Executive Committee of the Office of the Presidency as a representative of his region, however he has to act on the uniamous advice of the Executive Committee.

With the autonomy of the region, the GAR is considered almost a sovereign state and has been granted the privilege of a member state of the United Micronations Treaty Alliance.