Great Empire of Tuchlinasia

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Tuchlinasia, (Pol: Tuchlinazja) officially the Great Empire of Tuchlinasia , (Pol: Wielkie Cesarstwo Tuchlinazji) (Tuch. Velko Empotera Tuchlisando) is a micronation which was established on March 16, 2021 in Antarctica, next to Karno-Ruthenian, Užupis, MOCC and next to Hortania.


Tuchlinasia was founded on March 16, 2021, by micronationalist politician Cyryl Tuchlin, who proclaimed himself the Emperor of Tuchlinasia as Cyryl I the Great.


Tuchlinasia has several official languages: Polish, English, Korean and the future Tuchlinasian language that is still being developed.

List of Monarchs