Great Socialist Experiment

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Founding Principles


Core Ideas

Progressive Revolution Theory
Active Culutral Development Theory
Necessary War Doctrine
Socialist Fundamentalism
Communist Democracy
Great Socialist Experiment
Liberal Authoritarianism
People's Revolution

Notable Rennie-Gaffneyists

P. J. Gaffney
G Rennie
Michelle Yui
Robert Lethler
Carwyn Jenkins
Karolina Wilson

Notable Groups

Communist Party of Erusia
People's Party of Licentia

The Great Socialist Experiment is a key aspect of the micronational political ideology known as Rennie-Gaffneyism. The idea is strongly linked to Progressive Revolution Theory. According to Rennie-Gaffneyism, the Great Socialist Experiment describes the continued evolution of Socialism and Communism since the publishing of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. In keeping with the Theory of Progressive Revolution, the Great Socialist Experiment is described as the formulation and practical implementation of various Socialist socio-economic theories since 1848 to the present day. According to Gaffney, the Experiment is likely "to continue for a century or more yet". When the Experiment concludes, the theory asserts that Humanity will have perfected Socialism and have developed a complete and absolutely effective ideology.

The term Great Micronational Experiment is sometimes used to refer to the development of the Great Socialist Experiment micronationally, beginning with the very first Socialist micronational states and continuing well into the present day. In late 2009, the so-called "family tree" of the Great Socialist Experiment was established.

Evolution of the Great Socialist Experiment

What follows is a simplified interpretation of the aforementioned family tree, incorporating two micronational ideologies.

  • Primitive Communism
    • Anarcho-Communism
    • Marxism
      • Marxism-Leninism
        • Trotskyism
        • Stalinism
          • Maoism
            • Dengism
              • Scientific Development Concept
          • Juche (Kim-Il Sung)
            • Juche (Kim Jong-Il)
        • Hanist Communism (Kampong)
      • Luxemburgism
        • Trotskyism
        • Rennie-Gaffneyism
          • Leninist Conservatism (Michelle Yui Thought)
          • Rennie-Gaffneyist Socialism (sometimes used to describe Rennie's theories individually)
          • Gaffneyism (advocacy of Gaffney's theories only)