Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector

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Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector
General information
LocatedGreater Toronto Area and Kingston
Sector founded1 Februrary 2020
Nations in area
Notable people in areaAshley Jaax
Jayden Lycon
Stefan I, Tsar of the Great Lawl Reich
Nicholas Lokin

The Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector refers to micronations in the Greater Toronto Area and Kingston area.



Flag State Capital Pop. Area
Flag of the Great Lawl Reich.png Great Lawl Reich N/A 1 24.6 km²
Flag of Iustus.svg Empire of Iustus Curtis City 6 Unknown
Flag of Humberlea.svg Kingdom of Humberlea Fort Emery 27 Unknown


Flag State Capital Pop. (at Peak) Area
Flag of Aenderia.svg Seventh Aenderian Republic Noyan Unknown Unknown

Provinces & Cities



Humberlea is a relatively medium-sized micronation based in Toronto, Ontario, following the dissolution of Aenderia, Noyan was somewhat annexed into Humberlea under Fort Madison in Humbermede.

Flag Full Name Nickname Capital Largest City Pop.
Flag of Emery City.png Province of Emery City Emery City Fort Emery Fort Emery 17
Flag of Humbermede.png Province of Humbermede Humbermede Humbermede Central Humbermede Central 10


Province/Territory City Name
Flag of Emery City.png Emery City Fort Emery
Flag of Emery City.png Emery City Mierzwatown
Flag of Humbermede.png Humbermede Humbermede Central
Flag of Humbermede.png Humbermede Fort Madison
Flag of Humbermede.png Humbermede Humber Valley Island