Group of Six

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Group of Six
Formation28 March 2022
FounderCharles Madgett
Dissolved4 July 2022
Legal statusInactive
PurposeTo hold forums regarding the Diplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022 and establish positive foreign relations between it's members.
6 Member States
Official language
Incumbent host
Empire of Ela'r'oech
Key people
Charles Madgett

Andrew Perdomo

Max Rowher
AffiliationsDiplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022

The Group of Six (G6) was a micronational organization comprised of signatories of the Diplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022. Signatories include the Empire of Ela'r'oech, the Kingdom of Pontunia, the Empire of Muskratia, the Confederation of Ruisseau, Bushistan and Kakato. The group acts as a forum for signatories to edit the pact's official document, which can be legally enacted by signature which indicated ratification for a micronation. It was dissolve in early July 2022, subsequently being replaced by LENS-ETU.


The Group of Six was formed on 28 March 2022, when the Quadripartite Pact became known as the Diplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022. Charles Madgett, the writer of the original document became worried that some nations would view the bill unfavorably after the veto in both Bushistan and Wynnland. Later on, during the first official summit, the bill was revised numerous times to the point where it was essentially rewritten.

List of Summits

Summits from the Group of Six
Summit Host Date held Duration Main Points
1st Summit Empire of Ela'r'oech 28 March 2022 3 hr, 28 min Revising the Diplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022
2nd Summit Empire of Ela'r'oech 29 March 2022 1 hr, 33 min Subsequent members, specifically admitting Ruisseau
3rd Summit Empire of Ela'r'oech 30 March 2022 5 hr, 19 min Making Group of Six an official micronational organization
4th Summit Empire of Ela'r'oech 31 March 2022 -

1 April 2022

4 hr, 17 min Establishment of leadership position.

Kicking Federation of the Seven Towers out for constant declarations of war.

5th Summit Empire of Ela'r'oech April 11 2022 - April 12 2022 1 hr, 50 min Proposal for Bushistan to join. Setting up for Sixth summit.

Data Tables

Nation Head of State Type of Member
 Ela'r'oech Charles Madgett Host Leading, Founding
 Pontunia Andrew Perdomo Leading, Founding
Kakato Max Rowher Full Member
Muskratia Squirtzle Full Member
Ruisseau Shahan II Full Member
Bushistan Aidan Pierce Full Member
Full Member Information Table
Nation Type of Member Editors of Branyum Convention LENS / CHASM GUM / MA / CA
 Ela'r'oech Host Leading, Founding Green tickY Green tickY Red XN
 Pontunia Leading, Founding Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Kakato Full Member Red XN Green tickY Red XN
Muskratia Full Member Green tickY Red XN Red XN
Ruisseau Full Member Red XN Red XN Red XN
Bushistan Full Member Red XN Red XN Red XN