HMS Borealis (S1)

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A origami boat, the same type of boat as the Borealis.
A origami boat, the same type of boat as the Borealis.
Name HMS Borealis
Cost US$ 9 (paper stack)
Commissioned 12 January 2019
Identification Pennant number: S1
Ciel a terrace wavy azure thereon a ship marked proper flying the white ensign
Fleet HMF Ikonia
Class Borealis-class patrol sloop
Crew 2 commissioned officers

1 enlisted member

HMS Borealis is the lead ship of the Borealis class. It is the largest ship in HMF Ikonia, and the largest in His Majesty's Navy.


Blueprints of the actual Ikonian vessel

The founding lead ship was created on 12 January 2019 after the King taking interest in the Baustralian Navy.
The ship was created out of paper and currently sits in the treasury box.


Blueprints of the video game vessel

The name Borealis came from the famously known video game Half Life 2, when the main characters find an Aperture Laboratories vessel named the Borealis. On 12 January 2019, the King later came across a video on the vessel and it became the name.

Order of precedence
First HMS Borealis (S1) Succeeded by