Hagia Aikaterini

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Hagia Aikaterini
Ἁγία Αἰκατερίνη (Hellenic)
Ϝάστυ Ἁγίας Αἱκατερίνης
Borough of Hagia Aikaterini
Ἁγία Αἰκατερίνη transcription(s)
 • RomanisationHajía Ekaterínī
Flag of Hagia Aikaterini
Official logo of Hagia Aikaterini
Hellenic: Πρῶτα ὁ Θεὸς
(God first)
Anthem: «Περνάει ὁ Στρατός»
"The Army is passing"
File:Map of Athens, Greece.png
Coordinates: 37°58'05.8"N 23°42'41.5"E
Micronation Græcia
Voivodeship Atthicon
Established20 August 2020 AD
Founded byQuintus De Vitaliis
SeatIonian street
 • High BurghermasterLucianus Dimitrijević-De Vitaliis
DemonymsἉγιοκατερινιώτης (m.), Ἁγιοκατερινιώτις (f.)
 • OfficialHellenic
 • MinorityArvanitika
 • ImmigrantAlbanian, English, Irish, Urdu
Time zoneUTC+02:15 (Græcian Eastern Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:15 (Græcian Eastern Summer Time)
Postal code
w:Greece 11851
Area code+30
Vehicle registrationAA

The Borough of Hagia Aikaterini (Hellenic: Ϝάστυ Ἁγίας Αἰκατερίνης, romanised: Wásty Hajíās Ekaterínīs, pronounced: [ˈwasti haˈʝi.aːs ɛ.ka.teˈri.niːs]) is one of the ten boroughs of Græcia, the second-level administrative divisions of the micronation, and the legislative and judicial capital of Græcia. It was formed in August 2020 AD, located in a neighborhood of Athens, Attica, Hellas, consisting of two districts.


The Borough of Hagia Aikaterini was named in honour of its patron saint, Saint Catherine. For the sake of brevity, the Borough is referred to as Hagia Aikaterini (Hellenic: Ἁγία Αἰκατερίνη, romanised: Hajía Ekaterínī [haˈʝi.aː ɛ.ka.teˈri.niː]).

Hagia Aikaterini was part of the Aegean Voivodeship, alongside Andriopolis, and Vathy, between 1 March 2021 and 10 June 2022, when the Atthicon Voivodeship was established. The government decided to make a switch and include Hagia Aikaterini in the newly formed voivodeship, thus leaving only two boroughs in the Aegean.


The Borough of Hagia Aikaterini was formed on 20 August 2020 AD, alongside the boroughs of Andriopolis, and Čěrneś, making it one of the three original boroughs of Græcia.


The Borough is subdivided into two districts:

District Area (km²) Area of influence (km²) Administrative seat
Upper Hagia Aikaterini TBD TBD Dominium of Caterina Russo
Lower Hagia Aikaterini TBD TBD Kornaros Auditorium


Current High Burghermaster: Lucianus Dimitrijević-De Vitaliis
The Borough assembly is composed of 10 counselors, organised as follows:

  • Upper district representatives - 5
  • Lower district representatives - 5


The Borough of Hagia Aikaterini depends exclusively on tourism. The borough's area of influence includes a street full of taverns and restaurants, that attract both locals and tourists.


The Borough of Hagia Aikaterini is located entirely within a neighborhood of the city of Athens. Its area of influence covers both divisions of said neighborhood, all the way to a central location, just 200m from the border of Zenia with Athens.



District Population (2023) Citizens (2023) Other subjects (2023)
Upper 23 1 22
Lower 10 1 9


The vast majority of the people living in the Borough are Greek Orthodox Christians (28/32 = 87,5%), while the rest are atheists and one Irish Catholic Christian. The patron saint of the Borough is Saint Catherine the Great Martyr, whose feast is celebrated on 25 November.


The official language of the Borough is Hellenic, which is used for official documents, as well as everyday things. There is a minority of old Athenians who may speak Arvanitika, mostly located in the Borough's area of influence. Therefore, it is a recognised minority language within the Borough. Although not recognised, Albanian, English, Irish Gaelic, and Urdu are spoken immigrant languages.