Harehill Treaty

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The Republic of Akebar and the Sorrenian Federation wish to show their support and recognition for oneanother through the form of an alliance, for the betterment of their relations.

Article 1

The Republic of Akebar and the Sorrenian Federation will show support for oneanother in public groups and official organizations. They will support oneanother's actions and decisions, in order to benefit oneanother.

Article 2

The Sorrenian Regular Army and/or the Sorrenian 1st Recon Corps will engage in joint military actions with the Akebarian Liberation Army and/or the Akebarian Militia. The Armed forces will be used to further the nations goals through peaceful means, such as expeditions.

Article 3

Akebar and Sorrenia will respect oneanother's traditions and culture. They will show an active interest in the culture, and aim to further it through national help.

Article 4

Akebar and Sorrenia will respect oneanother's territorial borders, in order to maintain national sovereignty. Akebar and Sorrenia will allow joint military access, allowing Akebarian and Sorrenian troops and/or civilians to travel freely.

Article 5

Akebar and Sorrenia will work together in joint operations, in order to further culture, tradition, science and education, through such actions as a university and organizational events.

Article 6

Akebar and Sorrenia will remain peaceful, and never engage in military operations against oneanother.

Article 7

Akebar and Sorrenia may call on oneanother for political help in debates, and/or militaristic help in military engagements. The alliance states that Akebar and Sorrenia must aid each other.

Article 8

The Alliance between the Republic of Akebar and the Sorrenian Federation will henceforth be known as the Treaty of Harehill.


Flag Name of State Date of signature Head of State
Sorrenian Federation 2 August 2014
Republic of Akebar 2 August 2014 Jacob Huff