Harold Duighan

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Harold Duighan
Holy Minister of Mushroomia
Assumed office
First Term:
14 January 2014 - 1 January 2017
Second Term:
30 August 2018 - present
Prime Minister Vincent Ironside
Predecessor Himself (as President)
Successor Incumbent
Co-Leader of Mushroomia
In office
1 January 2017 - 1 May 2018
Leader Jake B.
Predecessor Jake B.
Successor Elle Duighan
Personal information
Born 2006
Nationality American
Religion Nondenominational Christianity
Military service
Allegiance Mushroomia-flag3.png Mushroomia
Service/branch Mushroomian Revolutionary Army
Holy Order of Christ
In service 2014 - present
Rank Mushroomia-flag3.png Paramount Commander
Battles/wars Mushroomian-American War
Mushroomian Civil War
Wamongian invasion of Mushroomia
Wamongian-Almendrian War
Mushroomian Invasion of Wamong
War against Demons

Harold Duighan, also known as Harold_Duighan, Eden226, or Eden222, is the leader of Edenistan. He was born in 2006, in South Carolina. He was at one point a fairly prominent and well-liked individual, but has since become known as the "Delusional Mentally Ill Religious Zealot", due to individuals not comprehending the Truth of God and such. This led to him being removed from almost every organization he was in, including the Grand Unified Micronational and the League of Independent Nations. He has since persisted in the goals that God has given so that he may succeed in constructing Eden.