Hayden of Dempseyburg

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HRH King Hayden (born 13 July 1993 in Wellington, New Zealand) is the single sovereign ruler of the Kingdom of Dempseyburg. He isn't able to control the government but all laws, amendments, bills etc. must carry his signature. He collaborates with the President and Prime Minister and has the power to arrest any citizen of the Kingdom.

Early life

King Hayden James Dempsey I of Dempseyburg was born on the 13th of July 1993 in Wellington, New Zealand to Duchess Kathryn of Domanski and a Commoner, Steven Dempsey. His mother could not ascend to the throne being a woman, so Hayden was named Heir Apparent. He has a younger brother, HRH Prince Ryan.


HRH King Hayden ascended to the throne of Dempseyburg on the 4th of May 2007. The Kingdom of Dempseyburg acknowledged him as their King on the 5th of May when he officially opened Parliament. He is commonly known as King Hayden. His full title is:

His Royal Highness, Hayden, King of the Kingdom of Dempseyburg, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Duke of Domanski, Protector of the Royal Order of the Silver Tern, Knight Commander of the Order of Dempseyburg, Protector of the Faith, Order of the Rose Crown, Head of  the Royal House of Costello and Grand Marshal of the Golden Cross of Domanski.

As King Hayden does not have any children to pass the nobility onto at this time, the current Heir Apparent is his brother, Prince Ryan.

Political Relations

King Hayden continues to work alongside Dempseyburg's president, The Rt.Hon Mr Angus Riddle and the Prime Minister, The Rt.Hon Mr Jarrod O'Brien to make Dempseyburg a better place to live. The King's signature has to be on every proposed treaty and the Government makes sure that it is always there to avoid problems arising.


Crown Prince of Dempseyburg

Prince of Dempseyburg

King of Dempseyburg

King Hayden is currently negotiating this years budget with the Minister of Finance, The Rt.Hon Mr Nick McKee.