Heath I of Morkskovia

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Heath I
King of the Morkskovians
Reign14 December 2008 – present
Coronation3 January 2009
Born21 April 1993 (1993-04-21) (age 30)
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Heath Daniel DeGarmeaux
King Heath and General Daniel

Heath I (born April 21, 1993) is the current King of the Morkskovians, as well as one of the founding fathers of the nation, and as such has seen his nation move through turbulent times of change and development.

Early life

King Heath was born in Morkskovia on April 21, 1993. As a boy the future King was interested in science, history and music, and did very well in his school. He saw the United States go through trying times, economic failure, and war. On September the eleventh of 2001, his family came to his school to get him in a panic, and they proceeded to hide in their house the rest of the day, along with most other Morkskovians. Over the years after, many things were done by the government that made Morkskovians afraid for their freedoms, and in 2008 Heath vowed to do something.

The Kingdom

On December 14, 2008 King Heath assumed rule over five citizens, thus founding the Kingdom of Morkskovia. Over time the number of citizens slowly grew to its present number. The main morals of the Kingdom are:

1) Freedom from dependence on Technology

2) Freedom from governmental interference in daily life

3) Freedom from dependence on Money

4) Freedom from dependence on Foreign Countries' Resources

5) Freedom from corruption in politics

6) Freedom from prejudice

7) Freedom from outside Imperialism, whether it be Macronational, Micronational, or both.

8) Freedom to pursue Morkskovian Interests, lifestyles, and culture.

Political Views

King Heath's Political Compass

King Heath falls into the conservative libertarian way of thinking. While an avid supporter of strengthening "family values" and moral upbringing of children, the King also believes in the freedom to marry those of same gender, so long as the church is not forced to conduct such things. King Heath is pro-life, but values the legal right of the Morkskovian woman to get an abortion if she wants one, stating in 2010:

"My God told me it is wrong to terminate a baby human being from his or her mother's womb. I obey my God and will teach my wife and daughters to do the same. However, that is the household. The family is entrusted with the instillation of values to the children they produce, NOT the state. My government has rights to make my people do certain things. Simple things, like not to speed and not to kill and not to steal, but we all as Morkskovians have been given by God the right to be free. My government cannot, and will not attempt to, intrude into family affairs. I know this, I wrote that little bit myself."

Further statement on the issue occurred in April 2011, where he said:

"It is MY job as a husband and a father to instill the value of pro-life in my wife and my offspring. If my government ever tried to meddle into the way I conduct MY household, I'd see to it they were all shot, however I could have it done. Likewise, if MY government ever tries to dip their noses into YOUR affairs as my people, you have my personal permission to have THEM all shot!"

The best description of Heath's position would be a fiscal conservative, social conservative, political liberal. Heath is a fan of small government and a fan of referendum. He has written the Morkskovian constitution to be perpetual and also to be very accomidating to citizens' rights, some of which were not even included in the US Bill of Rights.

Current Activity


King Heath will be attending university to study music and German, as well as history, starting fall 2012. Currently King Heath resides atop Clapper Hill with the Royal Family and continues to teach the Morkskovian Alphabet to many.