Henrich I, Emperor of Solraak

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Henrich I
His Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Solraak
File:Portrait Henrich I of Solraak.png
Official portrait
Emperor of Solraak
Reign18 March 2023 – present
Coronation18 March 2023
PredecessorAnsmir I (pai)
Born8 September 1995 (1995-09-08) (age 28)
Minas Gerais, Brasil
ConsortPamela Mary Christine Severo
ReligionRoman Catholicism
OccupationMonarch, Physician
Alma materUniversity of St. Luke - Imperial Academy of Medicine (MD)
Henrich I is a Brazilian micronationalist, Monarch of the Empire of Solraak and main creator of popular participation in the policies of the Empire. He installed the Moderator power and called the Parliament, elected by popular vote.


Henrich I met Micronationalism in mid-2023 while doing research on the smallest countries in territory on the globe. Having recognized old passions that he practiced since childhood in this hobby (geography, history, vexillology, and international politics), he decided to carry out a project started in 2014 at the time he entered college: the nation of Solraak. In March 2023 he founded the Empire of Solraak, inspired by the cultures of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He is a Portuguese and English speaker.

Personal Projects

Macronationally, Henrich I is a doctor and has several projects in the area of ​​health, especially in the field of public health and health care for the disadvantaged. His main ambitions involve the democratization of knowledge, education and health.

National Symbols

Solraak's rulers can be identified by their symbols. There are three symbols for every Solraki Emperor: the imperial family arms, the ruler's personal arms, and the imperial monogram.

Imperial Coar of Arms and the Family Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Empire are, in addition to being a symbol of the imperial family, an official symbol for the Sovereign of the Empire. In them there is the shield, formed by quarters representing in the first and fourth the golden griffin - rampant guardant - over a red field, symbol of Solraak; In the second and fourth, the Sun, over a blue field, symbol of Alraak.

The support is the Harpy eagle, animal symbol of the nation. She carries a sword in her right claw, symbolizing bravery and justice; and in his left claw a torch that symbolizes leadership and freedom.

On the ribbon below is written the motto Veritas Lux Mea ("truth is my light"). Above there is the imperial crown.

There are also the official arms of the house of Severo, or the Greater Coat of Arms, which contain the two crowns, the upper one is the imperial crown, and the lower one is the royal crown of Solraak.

Personal Arms

Personal Arms are forms of identification generally used in private, non-official contexts. Usually designed by the ruler himself and it is tradition that it has three feathers, two black and one white in the center, and the rest of the elements can vary according to the monarch's desire. The feathers make reference to the harpy and represent the Holy Trinity, even being at the zenith of the Royal Crown.

Henrich I's arms bear the element of the Sun, representing his commitment to the Duchess of Alraak. In the center is his monogram. Below the ribbons with the inscriptions "His Imperial Majesty Henrich I" (H.I.M.H.I.) on the left, and "veritas" on the right.


The Imperial Monogram is a form of official identification of the monarch. Generally used in an internal political context, unlike Imperial Arms.