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Date: Febuary-March 2017

 • Campinia (Kerkvliet and Campinopolis)

  • Duke Elias is declared officially "unable to rule until he returns"
  • Johannes Doorn appointed as Regent
  • Ratification of provisional constitution
  • Elias declared ceremonial head of state

The Ducal Question (Dutch:Hertogskwestie) was a major political crisis in Campinia that lasted from Febuary to March 2017, coming to a head The "Question" at stake surrounded whether Duke Elias could resume his royal powers and duties as Duke of Campinia due his inactivity. It was eventually resolved by the appointment of Johannes Doorn as Regent With Campinia reformed but the Duke still in inactivity, Johannes Doorn, was elected regent. Elias was declared officially "unable to rule until he returns" in accordance with the Constitution. Elias was proclaimed as ceremonial head of state

Durring the crisis. Many plans where proposed including to depose the monarch, proclaiming a ceremonial monarchy and even to aboshlish the monarchy in favor of a republic. Since most Campinians are still loyal to the monarchy, The last opinion was never voted on

2017 Regent Slection

Regent Selection 207
'3 March 2017
6 senatorial votes needed to win'
2012 →
Candidate Johannes Doorn Shady Morsi
Party Socialist Conservative
Home state Toxandria Barbore
Running mate DAE
States carried ' 0
Popular vote 8 1
Percentage 90% 10%

Regent of Campinia before election


Elected Regent of Campinia

Johannes Doorn