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Hintonia is a North American micronation. It is a landlocked country completely surrounded by Canada, more specifically the city of Ottawa. The national animal is the squirrel (they can be found throughout the country) and the state car is a Mazda3.


The country is located on a rectangular shaped plot of land consisting of one house, a garage and parking space.


Since 2005 the territory comprising of Hintonia had seceded from Canada and declared itself a part of Brazil, but neither the Brazilian or Canadian governments recognized this and most likely they were not aware of this. Hintonia declared its independence from Canada on 20 July 2007 but no recognition whatsoever was given by the Harper regime. Relations with Canada have been cold, especially since Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper began issuing dictatorial-like policies in Canada.


Hintonia does not have an official currency but uses the Canadian dollar for most cases. The U.S. dollar is occasionally used as well. The bulk of Hintonia's revenue comes from remittances coming in from Canada and from its citizens working abroad. The majority of the domestic economy consists of the services industry; parking space is provided to paying Canadian customers. Apart from an abundance of snow during the winter, the only other natural resource in the country is gravel, which can be found in a pile on the country's southwest region.


Due to the size of Hintonia, there is no public transportation system within its borders. The country may be accessed by car or through two bus stations located nearby.