Holy Bread Republic

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The Holy Bread Republic is a electoral republic existing as a Discord server with currently no real life land claims. Referring to its name, bread is a large part of the nation and the community as a whole. Being a uniting ground for different peoples.

Also relating to the present, the Holy Bread Republic is comprised of 11 provinces with the capital city being Bakery City (or referred in Spanish as, Panaderia). (compared to other micronations, this is for purely fictional lore purposes, our server itself also has history behind it as well separate from this)

Holy Bread Republic
Republica Del Pan Santo
Horizontal tricolor (red, white, green) with bread in the center surrounded by 4 stars .
Coat of arms of Breadia
Coat of arms
"Praise Bread, Unity, and Balance" (English)
"Bread – Unity – Balance"
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Location of Holy Bread Republic on the continent.
CapitalBakery City
Largest citySpruceVille
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Breadian, Realmic
GovernmentElectoral Republic
• Council
Council Members
LegislatureNational Assembly
Founded by
• Declared
24 October 2020
• Total
325,506 km2 (125,679 sq mi) (54th)
• Water (%)
• March 28, 2022 estimate
11,530,403 (58th)
• 2022 census
• Density
66.5/km2 (172.2/sq mi) (167th)
GDP (PPP)2022 estimate
• Total
$39.530 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
$10.502 billion
• Per capita
Gini (2022)34.4
HDI (2022) 0.759
high · 2th
CurrencyHoly-Breadian Crumb (HBC)
Time zoneUTC+1 (PST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+1 (not observed)
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.BR
  1. These are the titles as given in the Uniting of Realmic Lands, Article II. All economic, and geographical references are all purely story-based and don't resemble any real life examples or references. Since we exist as a server and not an actual real land claim.


The 11 provinces are:

  • Breadia
  • Bruhia
  • GrugLand
  • MasFloppa
  • New MemeLand
  • Condolia
  • SimpiStan
  • Continentia
  • Daboya
  • Farout
  • Spruce Ville

Most of these provinces local governments struck deals with Breadia-Bruhia to join them in union. Others though, came in with some aggression and conflict. With the case of Contientia its both. For example, GrugLand allied and defended the new republic from the bingus invasion coming from the Flops territory, from there the Grugs decided to join Breadia and Bruhia in their federation of republic, to bring better cooperation between the 3. Added, the Grugs would be soon losing their imperial lands to the east. They saw this coming, prompting them to join the Holy Bread Republic to preserve their capital lands and to avoid expensive battles with the east.

The purpose of the provinces joining is mostly to create

  1. Cooperation
  2. Unity
  3. Solid protection from the Outer-Realmic colonist

Protection against the New Material Republic

  1. A designated central government to lead their lands as a whole, preventing any chaos or mass violent rebellions

Map of Holy Bread Republic

Holy Bread Republic and Her Provinces

The Republic's location on the continent formed from Breadia being south-most of the rest of the Bread Nomadia. With the Western Memic provinces, Masfloppa, New MemeLand, and Condolia, heritages' found in the colonist that established their early nations previously. In the modern union, its located central-west on the Realmic continent. With Spruce Ville giving it access to the Western Ocean.



Bread Beginnings

Bakers of the land, unite for their purpose. Breadia was of course the first province in the Republic. They were formed out of the Tri-kingdom of the South (South Bread Nomadia). Coming of the fight between the 3 kings that ruled the lands. Being the southern-most, they had connections outside of the Breadic realm granting them more diverse diplomatic relations with bordering nations. For breadians of this time, this was a extremely foreign idea that the rest of the Bread Nomandy, at the time, they would not consider for at least the next coming ages. It gave Breadia an advantage over the rest of the Nomandy making it stand out of all the other bread nations. After a few wars with neighboring Breadic nations, they would settle their borders and lands for the time being.

All and holy

Relations began between Breadia and Bruhia while they were offering trade with each other. Trading encouraged them to invade the lands between the 2 which was Noughgaugh. They both annexed equal parts of the land. This interaction and cooperation prompted that a union between us would be strong, united, civilized, balanced, and powerful in the region. This further created the Holy Bread Republic and council mixed of representatives coming of Breadia and Bruhia, truly a Breadic and Bruhist union.

The 2 nations in union

Map depicting former Grugian lands and the Floppa empire would soon control.

Defiance of the Colonialist

In the years previous, Floppian and Memic invaders and colonizers arrive on the north east of Realmia due to the fall of the Guados. They both occasionally militarily compete against one another but their main objectives in shared interests is to ravage the continent. In this conquest, the Floppas finally reach the lands of the Grugs and continued their path against them. The Grugs held an empire of their own with lands east of them being raided by Floppians. The colonial forces are too much to handle for both Grugs and their subjects. GrugLand decided to instead cut their loses with the numerous Floppa Empire and signed their imperial lands away to avoid being completely overran. After they sought allies in their neighbors around them. Due to their older aquivision of lands, did other nations not want to be allies with the dying power. Besides one, the Holy Bread Republic decided to accept them into the republic as their 3rd province. With this it created a force that can finally rival the colonials. Also effectively creating a barrier to prevent them from traveling any more south-west.

Reign, Royalty, Regime

The Flops are ruled by a single royal family with male descendants becoming king. The Memic people are ruled by a militaristic dictatorship that prioritizes their culture first before anything. Knowing this, it gave them their reasoning and justification to invade further into the continent attempting to assimilate the native Realmic peoples living in their claims. From previous years and past history, Floppa culture and people already had exist on the continent for some time now. Except because of the time past, they grew increasingly distant from mainland Flops almost now becoming an entirely different culture. Meaning that for the Native Flops living in the colonial conquered land they will rebel against the water-washed empire of the Colonial Flops. (Fun fact the word water-washed refers that most colonial flops reeked of fish and salty waters from frequent sailing) In the Realmic named city of Masso, the Realmic Flops would gather and establish their resistance against the Colonial Flops. The empire is powerful and plentiful, and we know of this, so were gonna need some Realmic help. This is the "Realm of tribes", so we must collaborate with our main competitors to dominate the rouge Realmic peoples. Masso quickly aligned itself with the holy bread republic, simps and western nations. The Colonial Floppa Empire will settle to work with the Meme-Kek Regime and Rovlox. The first Central war would begin and before the first sword was about to be drawn, Masso would instead join the Holy Bread Republic as the 4th province for added security and at least an governmental route if they lose badly. With the Quin advancement, the war will look Imperial sided but as MasFloppa was about to be flanked they charged far into the empires forward lines driving right through it. As this happened the Grug division pushed forward as well heading into the Colonial Flops regiment. Breadian warfare would cost the Flops a treasure in terms of men, which would be slowly substituted with Memians and with Meme-Kekia more involved effort in their push of Realmic land. This would ultimately end up in the securing of MasFloppa against the Colonial Flops. Sooner or later the Meme-kekians would end up losing their advantages due to the supply line from the mainland being long and slow. This would force them to have to retreat to fed lines giving up New MemeLand to the Holy Bread Republic. Call it good timing, but right after the Memic Surrender the Condos would fall right into chaos as Robloxian forces strike down on the area being that the Condos were colonial subjects with a differing view on religion. This focus gave the Condolians a stereotype that they were against government. Simply by this, Rovlox would use this as reason to pillage their lands despite being under their government. The condolians were overwhelmed by the heavily armed and numerous Robloxians so they also call for help by the newly victorious Holy Bread Republic. They were also their only close connection being that HBR delivered sources of propaganda against the colonial governments all over Realmia in an attempt to draw attention to the fight in which many people already struggling under regimes needed to rise up and fight even harder to rid themselves of the colonials. The fighting was fierce when the Robloxians reached the border of the old Grugian Imperial boundary and pushed onto Breadian lands. They burned many settlements and towns in the now modern Simpistan. The Holy Bread Republic quickly strikes back with full force using all of its military capabilities. Their offensive was very successful seeing a full retreat of the Robloxian army and captured many Condolian cities along the way. Rovlox finally saw how much of a failure their colonial operations were going as they were blindly trying to expand Eastward. They would surrender Condolia to the Holy Bread Republic. This accord will mark the end of the colonial expansion deeper into Realmia. The Colonial Wars are finally over.

The nations involved in the Colonial Wars.

Central Realmic Troubles

The newly annexed land struck with a strong tone towards the Colonial powers. The Holy Bread Republic was effectively creating a barrier preventing them from expanding East. HBR instead looks towards their southern border with the newly annexed territory of the New Material Republic. Following their invasion of Continentia, NMR finds itself trying to settle its newly acquired territories. In Continentian history, this is the first time they as a whole collective nation have surrendered and been effectively conquered by another nation. For their loyalty to their lands and their kingdom being extremely strong, they feel loads of negative sentiment against the new Materialian government. This sets in motion a newly created culture in Continentia celebrating and glorifying dying for freedom. Added, it created a new understanding of democracy and a rebellious tone to their youth. Demographically would Continentia shift away from its royals and into the peoples democracy both actively opposing its new annexation. Unfortunately no matter how hard they fought as a collective, the New Material Republic's army was simply too advanced, and massive by scale. Diplomats from a grasped Continentia visited the Holy Bread Republic and saw what freedoms they were enjoying, the voices of people heard without blood or a disruption of peace. From their observations, a decision was met that an alignment with the Breadians would in the long run earn them their freedom. The Soldiers Front of the Brush (SFB) was an organization, one of the only to survive the initial destruction of their homeland. Centennial, Continentia's capital, faced an agreement met in their undergrounds. Signed under whispers to prevent the invaders from hearing. Their fight was to join the Holy Bread Republic to ensure their continued existence, and sovereignty. Finally the people sprung from the ground in the capital protesting and overthrowing the local oppressive Materialian government. Both sides fought violently and viciously. For their cause, all were willing to die. Many would on both sides. A few weeks later the Holy Bread Republic would formally join the war against NMR, and mobilizes thousands of soldiers into the valley lands. They push the unprepared Material forces into the southern mountain. The sudden invasion surprised the New Material Republic's ranks in the area who were sent in expecting to only be fighting urban fighters with basic equipment and civilian-grade firearms. Due to the quick assault on their forces, The Materials sign a deal giving the main valley area to the Holy Bread Republic in return that they keep the Southern Edge area and the immediate safe return of their unprepped soldiers. The fighting quickly stopped and the deal was meet. Peace finally feel apon Continentia, except the aftermath of this resulted in a militaristic society and generation.

Tribes of the North-South

Some of the bordering Breadic tribes saw how well the Holy Bread Republic was doing and many decided over time to join in. They offered deals, unions, but were occasionally hostile. This stemming from how many nomadic peoples were heavily against the idea of government. The heads of these tribes would attack any close-by tribes who would side with HBR or who would have joined. So consequently some of the future Farout territories was gained during these wars of aggression. Conflicts like these can be brutal at times especially when both sides would trade their morals for war-mongering tactics to see who would end up victorious. The tribes used many guerilla warfare tactics taking advantage of their terrain, while also using civilian tactics to confuse who was a soldier and who wasn't. This of course lead into Holy Bread Republic simply just fully invading these areas with no hold back. Ultimately HBR would win these fights and enjoy the spoils. Of these new territories which at this time were all unincorporated because the problem of whether to decide if these belonged to Breadia, if they needed more autonomy to prevent any future bad blood, or if these warranted a whole new province. although interrupting this process, The North-Southern tribes as they were named by Breadia due to their "north of us but south to them" position, proclaimed a deal to pacify the region and to at least halt any more Breadian expansion. It was dealt that they would retain their local autonomy and governments but for future plans would pay taxes forward to the government that Council choose for the area, in return for military defence, and temporary investment into local resources. Finally the province of Farout was created with the North-South tribes joining with their deal still in hand.

Roots of Loose Gravel

In the thick jungles of Daboya many sounds of nature could be heard chaotically over your head. One day the sounds of cracks would disrupt these. The sounds were the sounds of the civil war raging in their nation between the communist Lakehete and the conformist Daybe. They would continue fighting just the 2 of them for some time until the New Material Republic would choose to intervene. Their intentions were to prop up the Daybe for a puppet government so they can receive discounted trades/resources, and finally conquer an area since their last attempt in Continentia which was quite the embarrassment when compared to their lifetime record. Out of the blue when the Continentian government caught wind of this, as their radical selves, they chose as a province alone to also intervene and help the Lakehete who they believed were being unfairly oppressed. As the border fights went down many new military technologies would be used such as fast infantry aircraft and new artillery bombing techniques. Both sides would choose to learn what they could to survive this new era of horror. To benefit of course, a nation to the way North of the Holy Bread Republic offered these new technologies at a price to help out the Continentians and the Lakehete. Continentia could somewhat afford these if they chose to also forget eating and basic necessities. They called apon the federal government of HBR to promise some funds to the war effort. At first skeptical of failure, the Holy Bread Republic would give the money at the expectation that they would incorporate Daboya sometime after the war. With the purchases settled the Materialians made a major push to go beyond the gravel mountains, into Road Valley. Here is where the tribal peoples got creative, over the years they have built many structures to prevent gravel rockslides. For the sacrifice of generations of work when the Materialians felt that they could easily and simply just march right through the valley and secure an important foothold. The Lakehete's destroyed the barriers and released a major gravel-slide, killing almost everyone who was in the cramped valley area. This event was responsible for about 10,000 dead Materialian soldiers made up of 3 divisions. Following this the New Material Republic surrendered Daboya to the Holy Bread Republic who then chose the representing tribe to be the Lakehete. Afterwards, they and the Daybe were able to level with each other and comprised on their local government. A more minor change occured right after this, but Simpistan would also be federalized into one sizeable province. This would upset many living here as they believed they were distinct, and distant from Carti City where the new Simpistanian government was located. Being that its creation was out of the territories gained during the Colonial wars which encompassed a lot.

Corner of the Sea, Center of the Lands

What this phrase describes the degree that Spruce Ville holds in trade. Its a perfect location for access to the Western Islands, an easy entry point for the Western part of the continent, and an slightly easier journey for people traveling from the east. This made it a major trading hub for a while. During most of its time spent as apart of Arbor-Craftia and more recently historically speaking independent. A united Spruce state is a very hard thing to keep together and maintain as Spruce Ville is large and includes many different cities. Both smaller and extremely large. (a good refence point being how L.A. is like in California.) Lately it's civil conflicts are on the verge of becoming an almost apocalyptic-like war due to how many people are living in such a small area. Representatives from all the regions decide to discuss their quarrels formally. When out of the blue a letter is received originating from the New Material Republic. It read a massive list of demands that would effectivity render Spruce Ville into a colony. With such arrogance you would have to retain to send such a notice! This gave ground for the nation itself to unite for the first time in a while. The Holy Bread Republic notices that trade coming in and out of the coast has come to a stop as the Spruce people prepared for war. Globally this was of decent concern many nations are not going to be receiving the resources they possibly need to progress. While other nations are not able to ship out and sell their resources to help out others. The nations effected decided to find other ways to ship their goods. All besides the Holy Bread Republic, they were fed up with how the New Material Republic was treating its neighbors, HBR, and could not tolerate their aggression for much longer. As a response, the Holy Bread Republic mobilized a large piece of its active duty into Spruce Ville. Their arrival came as a surprise to the locals, this caused another issue to be handled. The issue if they could trust the Holy Bread Republic as a government and a future choice which would later become a dilemma. Seeing this and not wanting another major war and the possibility of a disaster like what came of Gravel Mountain, they hold their positions at the peak of the mountain. There was no formal end to this conflict but the annexation of Spruce Ville would be presented to the Spruce VIlle representation. With its controversies, it still passed and Spruce Ville would become the 11th province of the Holy Bread Republic. Now being apart of HBR proper the New Material Republic is very hesitant to attack and they finally relieve their positions.