Holy Empire of Choocha

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Holy Empire of Choocha
Flag of Holy Empire of Choocha
Coat of arms of Holy Empire of Choocha
Coat of arms
Motto: "Do You Like Choocha Burgers?"
Anthem: The Choocha
CapitalChoocha Estate
Other languagesEnglish


GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Father
Legislatureto be added
EstablishmentSeptember 2021 (Initiation)
May 7, 2022 (Officially)
• 2022 census
CurrencyChoochacoin (CCC)
Time zoneUTC-5

The Holy Empire of Choocha is a micronation which loosely defines itself as an absolute monarchy. It largely praises itself for it's world renowned burgers, beautiful capitol, as well as it's large national park, one of the largest of any micronation. It was founded in September 2021 by Father Choocha and his associates, and it's constitution was formally passed on May 7, 2022.

Religion plays an important part in the life of a Choochan citizen, with an important national pilgrimage to the capital, Choocha Estate, taking place every year to commemorate the First Coming of Choocha. The celebrations in 2022 will be the largest held in over 20 years, as it will be the Third Coming of Choocha, the first to take place officially within the nation.

All decisions on policies made in the Holy Empire are decided from Father Choocha from his residence, Choocha Estate, commonly referred to as "The Choocha" (not to be confused with the national anthem).


The name of the Holy Empire of Choocha can be traced back to the first leader of the empire, Dr. Father Chooch Sr. The name Choocha’s first use can be traced back to 2005, at the birth of Dr. Father Chooch Sr.’s son, colloquially referred to by his father as “Choocha”.

At its birth, the empire was simply titled “Choocha Estate”, however it was changed in July 2022 to The Holy Empire of Choocha as an effort to better represent its rising prominence as a global micro-national superpower.

The title of Holy Empire is a direct reference to the Roman Empire, after which many Choochan customs are based. Father Choocha has cited Emperor Tiberius to be his main inspiration for many of the Choochan conquests, especially the Choochan Expansion Wars of June 2022.

The term “Chooch” is a Choochan adaptation of the Italian term, Ciuccio, signifying donkey. This is likely a nickname used by Father Chooch to refer to his son.