House of Almeyda-Martins

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House of Almeyda-Martins
Country Portugal
TitlesKing of the Eminians
Duke of Orlheón
Duke of Bregenza
Duke of Vizée
Duke of Chartreaux
Prince of Eminia
FounderVictor Manuel, Duke of Bregenza
Current headHM King Louis Phillipe
FoundingXVIII century, Portugal
EthnicityLatins, Portuguese

The House of Almeyda-Martins (Portuguese: Casa de Almeyda-Martins) is a relevant Royal House in lusophone micronationalism, responsible for the foundation of Kingdom of Eminia, reigning since 2020, which throne is occupied by the family on the figure of King Louis Phillipe.


Currently, besides King Louis Phillipe, the only member of the house engaged in micronationalism, all the others are aware of their activity. The Eminians Royal House is composed of the descendants of Victor Manuel, Duke of Bregenza, which means besides his son, the King, his immediate family comprised of the King's mother, brother and sister.

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House of Almeyda-Martins
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Monarchy established
Ruling House of the Kingdom of Eminia
Succeeded by