House of Commons (Kapreburg)

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House of Commons
Lower house of the Parliament of Kapreburg
Prime Minister
Sander Koff
since 11 March 2022
Political groups
  Exampliary: 1 seat
Meeting place
Kapreburg Discord

The House of Commons of Kapreburg was the lower house of the Parliament of Kapreburg. It was founded on 15 April 2021 following the passing of the 1st amendment to the Constitution of Kapreburg. Every member of the Commons resigned on 23 June 2021, in an event known as the 2021 Kapresh walkout, sparking the Kapresh Civil War. It was dissolved on 29 January 2023 by the Commons Dissolution Act, after it was decided the lower house was useless.


County Represented Name Official Photo Political Party Term Start
Members of the House of Commons
Charriot'sVille Lane Caldwell Exampliary Party 12 December 2021