House of Emmanuel

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House of Emmanuel
CountryNatal, Wilcsland, New Elmhurst, Montania, Wensleydale, Dalton
Current headHRAM Brooklyn I
EthnicityAnglo-Celtic, French

The House of Emmanuel is the current ruling house of the Kingdom of Natal, Kingdom of Wilcsland, United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and Novemia, Grand Principality of Dalton, and Montania (the Montanian throne is symbolical). The current head of the House is Her Majesty Brooklyn I (known as John II in Wilcsland), Queen of Natal, Queen of Wilcsland, Queen of the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst, Queen of Wensleydale and Grand Princess of Dalton.



The House of Emmanuel, formerly known as the House of Hewitt, can trace its history back to the O'Kennedy Clan of the ancient Irish kingdoms of Thomond and Ormund. Members of the House of Emmanuel are of mixed Anglo-Celtic, French and Native American blood.


The first throne held by the House was that of the Principality of Montania, a constituent of the Ashukov Federation. Joseph Emmanuel declared himself Prince of Montania. His reign started as a near-absolute monarch, however towards the end of his reign the throne was entirely ceremonial. His regnal name was changed to Joseph I Emmanuel in the later half of his reign. On 6 August 2014, Joseph I Emmanuel abdicated from the Montanian throne and passed it to his brother, the now Prince George II Emmanuel.

Hobartstown and Victoria

The House in its present form was established by the Hobartstown and Victoria Act 2014, which established the House of Emmanuel as a Patrician House in Hobartstown and Victoria and guaranteed the Head of the House a seat on the House of Patricians, the only house of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. Joseph I Emmanuel (or, as he is known in Hobartstown and Victoria, Joseph Emmanuel de Chavannes), the Head of the House, was made Duke of Natal and Prince of the Bregentines. He was soon elected President of the Chamber of Patricians. On 8 August 2014, letters patent were issued by the Governor-General of Hobartstown and Victoria elevating the Duchy of Natal to a Grand Duchy.


On 9 August 2014, only a day after Joseph Emmanuel's elevation from Duke of Natal to Grand Duke of Natal, the Commonwealth of Hobartstown and Victoria dissolved, leaving Natal as a sovereign state. Joseph Emmanuel was proclaimed His Royal Highness Joseph I, Grand Duke of Natal. He issued letters patent establishing the provinces and counties of Natal, and appointing Dukes and Earls to them. George II Emmanuel was made Duke of Albertschine, a title similar to Prince of Wales in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Joseph I also made his father the Earl of Rotterdam, his paternal grandfather the Earl of Francilia, and one of his cousins the Earl of Sint-Niklaas.

Minor titles

Formerly held minor titles

  • Duke of Iosea: c.2014 - 4 June 2014
  • Mercian Duke: c.2014 - 4 June 2014
  • Duke of Natal: 21 July 2014 - 8 August 2014
  • Grand Duke of Natal (as dukedom): 8 August 2014 - 9 August 2014

Currently held minor titles

  • Viscount of Hastings: 13 August 2013 -
  • Prince of the Bregentines: 21 July 2014 -
  • Duke of Albertschine: 10 August 2014 -
  • Earl of Francilia: 10 August 2014 -
  • Earl of Rotterdam: 10 August 2014 -
  • Earl of Sint-Niklaas: 10 August 2014 -
  • Count of Greater Richmond: 7 September 2014 -
  • Marquis of Saamark: 1 October 2014 -
  • Duke of Alcabala: 20 November 2014 -
  • Mercian Earl: 18 December 2014 -

Notable members

Some notable members of the House of Emmanuel include:

  • His Royal Highness Robert, Earl of Francilia
    • His Royal Highness William, Earl of Rotterdam
      • His Royal Apostolic Majesty Joseph I, King of Natal, King of Wilcsland, King of the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and Novemia, King of Wensleydale, Grand Prince of Dalton
      • His Royal Highness Highness Prince George, Prince of Montania, Duke of Albertschine
    • Lady Frances Emmanuel
      • His Royal Highness Prince Alexander, Earl of Sint-Niklaas
      • His Royal Highness Prince Samuel
      • His Royal Highness Prince Christian
      • Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine
    • His Royal Highness Michael, Earl of Nassau
      • Lord Michael van Emmanuel
      • Lord Charles van Emmanuel