House of George-Dameron-Mynter

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The Most Eloquent and Ancient House of George-Dameron-Mynter
George crest.jpg
Country Empire-Republic of Freedomia
Titles Earldom of Saint Thomas
Grand Duchy of Freidetita
Viscounty de Rodcliff
Dukedom of George
Current head Dakoda George
Ethnicity German/American

The Most Eloquent and Ancient House of George-Dameron-Mynter is one of the four founding houses of Freedomia and certainly one of the oldest in Freedomia because it was the current head's, Dakoda George, idea to found the House system of Freedomia. The name was changed to accomadate the ancient heritage of not only the George's but also of the Mynter's and the Dameron's.

An aerial view of the George Palace, in Dover City, Derrington, where the family has been seated for decades.


House of Darr

  • Head- Annie Darr, Marchioness of Pepington, Regent of the House of Darr
    • Heir- David Darr, Viscount of Welton
      • Titles - Marquiste of Pepington, Viscounty of Welton

Clan McQueen

  • Head- Jeffery McQueen, 1st Earl McQueen
    • Heir - The Lord Hayden
      • Titles - Earldom of McQueen, Baronetcy of Haberlie

House of Buckman

  • Head- Cheryl Buckman, Countess of Zentingtom
    • Heir - The Viscount Shane
      • Titles- Earldom of Zentingtom
The Most Eloquent and Ancient House of George
George crest.jpg