House of Lavender

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House of Lavender
Country Bradonia
Parent houseNone
TitlesKing of Bradonia
FounderBrady I
Current headBrady I

The House of Lavender (German: Haus von Lavendel), sometimes referred to as the Lavender Dynasty, is the current ruling royal house of the Kingdom of Bradonia since its founding and establishment on 9 August, 2020. The Head of the House of Lavender serves as both the head of the royal house and holds the position of head of state within the Kingdom of Bradonia. Originally, Brady Lavender founded Bradonia as the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia on 9 August, 2020, as a reformed yet anocratic autocracy, with himself serving as its Dictator and Ireland Lavender serving as its Chancellor, however, the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would only last until the surprise resignation of Ireland Lavender as the Chancellor of Bradonia on 8 October, 2020. Brady Lavender after realizing the unstable and incompetent nature of the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia would ultimately make the decision to reorganize the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia into the Kingdom of Bradonia and replace the anocratic autocracy with a constitutional monarchy, which would eventually lead to the absolute monarchy currently present within the Bradonia today.

Despite the House of Lavender having dynastic ancestry up to the late nineteenth century, there has only been one Monarch from the House of Lavender due to the very recent establishment of the Kingdom of Bradonia and of the Bradonian Monarchy. Currently, Brady I has served as the only King of Bradonia and additionally possesses the style of 'Violet King'.

Kingdom of Bradonia

The Kingdom of Bradonia, originally the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia, was established on August 9th, 2020, under an anocratic autocracy, with Brady Lavender being its despot. Although the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia was only recently established, the new government had many problems which caused government instability, this would only worsen upon the resignation of Ireland Lavender as the Chancellor on 8 October, 2020, which would only add more fuel to the fire. Brady eventually realized that the Liberal Autocracy of Bradonia was flawed in its very nature, so he then decided to instate a constitutional monarchical form of government with himself as its 1st King.

The Kingdom of Bradonia, like the Liberal Autocracy, would suffer heavily from many of the same problems and issues, and would for a time lead to the monarchy being "abolished" in favor of the "idiotic states", however only a couple months after its supposed "abolition" in January 2021, the monarchy was "restored" as an "Empire" with Brady Lavender as it's "Emperor", however, inconsistency and incompetency would plague the monarchy until December, 2021, in which Brady Lavender would denounce the "Empire" and nominally restore the Kingdom of Bradonia, which was in fact never abolished; only sidelined.

During March 2022, the House of Lavender, went from ruling as constitutional monarchs to absolute monarchs, due to constitutional monarchy not working in Bradonia, however, attempts were made at sharing power with the nobility through the Royal Diet and the House of Lords, during Autumm of 2022, however due to incompetence and inactivity on the nobles parts, it was dissolved and autocratic rule has been nominally restored. Today, the House of Lavender continues to rule Bradonia as absolute and autocratic monarchs.

Current line of succession

  • Daniel Lavender (b.1941)
    • Monty Lavender (b.1969)
    • Joseph Lavender (b.1972)
      • King Brady Wiltevich- Iona Lavender I (b. 2005)
      • (1) Crown Princess Brieanna (b. 2007)
      • (2) Princess Ireland, the Duchess of Williamson (b. 2004)


  • The House of Lavender originates from Prince Father, Joseph's side of the House of Lavender rather than Josephine's side of the House of Lavender for reasons that t neither the Bradonian Royal Government nor the Bradonian Microwiki Editing Team wishes to discuss nor state. Due to the aforementioned reasons, neither the Bradonian Royal Family nor the House of Lavender lists Josephine's side of the House of Lavender, and nor is that side of the House of Lavender considered legitimate by the Bradonian Royal Familiy.

(*) Ancestors of Daniel Lavender, such as Joseph Lavender I and Timothy Lavender, while not mentioned, are honorary members of the House of Lavender for starting the Lavender lineage.


Members of the House of Lavender claim their position of royalty either through divine birthright or through marriage within the House of Lavender.

Royal Family

The Bradonian Royal Family is composed of the Monarch, the heir to the throne, and in cases when applicable, their parents. All members of the Bradonian Royal Family are styled as Royal Highness, which in addition can also serves as an alternate style of the Monarch in some cases. The following is a list of the current members of the Bradonian Royal Family:

Royal House of Lavender

List of Bradonian Monarchs

# Portrait Name Term of office Political affiliation
1 Brady Lavender 16 April 2021 Present Independent
King Brady Lavender is the founding father and current reigning sovereign of Bradonia, who has been leader of Bradonia since it's creation. During the "Corona Era of 2020" Bradonia under Brady Lavender was considered a very weak state, with an awful diplomatic record, alongside it's awful weak government which plagued it, due to minister's under Brady Lavender failing to meet expectations. The "Averse Era of 2021" was also not better, due to the same problems, however Brady Lavender began to make change's which better benefited Bradonia, such as installing a monarchy, and actively running the government, alongside other nation-building tactics, which eventually made Bradonia a semi-stable state by the " Proficient Era of 2022" which saw an isolated Bradonia, perform much better, and even become one of the most powerful nations within the Texas sector. Today Brady Lavender lead's Bradonia as a competent proficient leader, who seeks to maintain a strong and stable Bradonia.

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