House of Lords (Bradonia)

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The House of Lords
7th Parliament
Founded20 July 2022
New session started
20 July 2022
Brayvenric I
since 10 October 2020
Lord President of the House of Lords
Josephine Bernhardt
since 11 January 2023
House of Peers political groups
  Royalty (2)
  Nobility (2)
  Clergy (1)
Appointment by the Monarch
Meeting place
Tsarstrina Palace, Tseleberna, Bradonia.

The House of Lords, officially referred to as the The House of the Most Serene and Noble Lords is the unicameral upper house of the Royal Diet of the Kingdom of Bradonia. Membership into the House of Lords is by appointment, heredity right, or by official function. The House of Lords meets in the Tsarstrina Palace in Tseleberna, Bradonia.

Lords of the House of Lords are chosen from the Lord's Spiritual and Lords Temporal. The Lord's Spiritual consists of the Archbishop of Tseleberna, and members of the Holy Bishopric Council established in the Reformed Church of Bradonia. Lord Temporals are all but hereditary, with no life peers ever being issued, despite this, the Lord Temporals are appointed by the Monarch on his ordinance and serve at His Majesty's Pleasure or until resignation/passing.

The House of Lords unlike most legislative houses does not possess a fixed number of seats; it can be adapted and changed by the Monarch in accordance with his will and his desires. Currently, there is a total of 5 members in the House of Lords, 1 Clergyman, 3 Nobles, and 1 Royal.


Members of the House of Lords
Peer Status Type
H.R.H. Arron Schmid Royalty Lord of Parliament
H.R.H. Geroge Bernhardt Royalty Lord of Parliament
H.G. Iris Rylander Nobility Lord of Parliament
H.G. Brian Stell Noblity Lord of Parliament
H.G. Daniel Williams Clergy Lord Temporal