House of Mevd

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House of Mevd
CountryEmpire of Ela'r'oech and the other Elarian realms, Republic of Bushistan, Principality of Bushia
TitlesEmperor of Ela'r'oech and the Elarian realms
Prince of Bushia
Prince of Ela'r'oech
King in Middle Francia
Current headCharles Mevd (Emperor)
Cadet branchesHouse of Mevd-Kamore (adoptive)
Monarchy of Ela'r'oech
Coat of Arms for the position of Monarch of Ela'r'oech
Flag of Ela'r'oech
Charles Mevd

since 7 March 2021
StyleHis/Her Majesty
TypeAbsolute Monarch
ResidenceDa'a'ck, Ela'r'oech
Term lengthNo Set Length
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Ela'r'oech
Formation25 August 2020; 3 years ago (2020-08-25)

The House of Mevd is the ruling house of the Empire of Ela'r'oech, the Kingdom of Alaria, the Kingdom of Distonia and other Elarian realms. It has ruled over most of its realms for many years. It also holds influence over the entire Bayou Sector, including nations which the Bayou Sector holds influence to a degree. The House of Mevd has established influence as well as multiple spheres of influence. Charles I, the Head of the House, is Emperor of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. Aidan I, the Prince of Bushia, was later aided by Charles to create the Principality of Bushia as he was also named Prince of Lateritia, allowing him into the House of Mevd by proxy.


Charles I, head of the House, established the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech, which he rules over. Over the course of multiple years he would go on to command multiple troop and squads during the Elarian-Alarian Conflict and would eventually be able to conquer Alaria and Neo-Alaria. After establishing major influence in the Bayou Sector, he would also be able to convince the former Heads of State of Lateritia and Naga to let them join Ela'r'oech, which he planned on reforming into an Empire. Eventually, Ela'r'oech had become an Empire and he had been able to conquer multiple micronations which were then part of Ela'r'oech. On 16 September 2022, it was decided that the House of Mevd would receive another member in Caiden I, Prince of Naga. This would be first time Naga had ever had a Prince or any formal monarchial title in its history.


First Generation

The first generation of the House of Mevd included Charles himself and Anthony Ramirez after Neo-Alaria became part of the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech. Anthony was named Prince of Neo-Alaria (at the time it was referred to domestically as 'Alaria') and this by proxy made him part of the royal family. Charles would also name his friend Ryan Prince of Ela'r'oech, however this did not last long as Ryan was not interested in micronationalism. He was, however, able to name his friend Keagan Prince of the Militia Lands.

Second Generation

The second generation began after Ryan took his leave from micronationalism. Brandon Jacobs was offered to become a royal, however he declined. He would later go on to become a massively popular Elarian political pundit. Many refer to the Second Generation as the 'lone generation' as Charles was the only active royal at the time. Anthony had begun reforms in Neo-Alaria and reformations in regards to Ela'r'oech's political system by proxy removed Anthony from the royal family.

Third Generation

The third generation would begin after Charles was able to reform the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech into the Empire. In September 2022, he began to name some personal and political friends titles which would by proxy expand the royal family and House of Mevd. This included Aidan I and Anthony I as Anthony was able to be named Prince of Alaria now as it had been annexed by the Empire. This would allow him to become a member of the House.

For the first time in history, the house has also named some servicemen and bodyguards, first starting with a friend of the Emperor in late August 2022. In September 2022, Caiden I would also be joining the house by proxy as he received his title of Prince of Naga. William I would later get disowned from royalty due to a disagreement, although later Charles did allow William to return as Prince of Ela'r'oech

House of Mevd-Kamore

The house of Mevd-Kamore is the Kamorese branch of the house of Mevd and was founded by William Mevd. It is not a biological line however, instead it is an adoptive line. It is currently the holder of the title of King in Middle Francia.


Currently held Major Titles

  • Emperor of Ela'r'oech
    • King of the Greater Elarian State
    • King of Alaria
    • King of Distonia
    • King of Naga
    • King of Lateritia
  • King in Middle Francia
  • Prince of Bushia
  • Prince of Ela'r'oech

Currently held Minor Titles

Formerly held


The House of Mevd has established influence in the following countries:

Micronational/Secessionist countries

Former countries

Macronational countries


List of Royals and Members of the House of Mevd
Name Major Titles Minor Titles Term Lengths
Charles I Emperor of Ela'r'oech King of the Greater Elarian State, King of Alaria, King of Naga, King of Lateritia, King of Distonia Emperor of Ela'r'oech (2022, current)

King of the Greater Elarian State (2018, current)

King of Alaria (2020, current)

King of Distonia (2021, current)

King of Naga (2022, current)

King of Lateritia (2022, current)

William I King in Middle Francia Prince of Ela'r'oech Prince of Kamore (27 August 2022, 17 November)

Prince of Distonia (27 August 2022, 17 November)

Preceded by
Founding of Monarchy
Ruling House of Empire of Ela'r'oech
2020 - present
Succeeded by
current House