House of Malček-Krnovský

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House of Malček-Ohřevský

Shield of the House of Malček-Ohřevský
CountryPrincipality of Carnovia
TitlesPrince of Carnovia
Current headPeter I, Prince of Carnovia

The House of Malček-Ohřevský is a royal dynasty that currently rules over Principality of Carnovia (formerly the Archduchy of Egeria). It was founded by Peter I, Prince of Carnovia in 2021 after peacefully seizing the power in Egeria (later, Carnovia) after collapse of National assembly and leaving the country in chaos.


The origin of name of the House of Malček-Krnovský comes from combination of maiden name and the name of country that was founded by this dynasty. It was iniciative of Peter I, Prince of Carnovia to declare independence of the Principality of Carnovia and thus creating dynasty named by biggest river flowing through the country. Regarding to changes after June 2021 it came to interest of common people that archducal family should be named after their country thus legitimizing their claim on throne.



Founder of the House of Malček-Krnovský is Peter I, Prince of Carnovia, who has founded this house by reforming republic of Egeria into Archduchy by the demand of people after National assembly has resigned and thus leaving the country in chaos, which later became the Principality of Carnovia.