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Kingdom of Visland and The Isles
Visland og Eyjur
Motto: "Íslandur Beahnach" (Vislandic)
"The Isles gives song"
Anthem: Get Out Ye Black and Tan-Derek Warfield
Claims [1]
Claims [2]
and largest city
St. Kilda
Official languagesGaelic, Irish, Vislandic
Catholicism, Norse Paganism, Celtic Paganism
Queen Maegan (II) of Visland and The Isles
• New Declaration of Independence
8 February 2016
CurrencyVislandic Krone (VK)
Time zoneUTC+1 (GMT+1)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Calling code+44 (de facto)
  1. This micronation is a full member in the AOTM


Visland, a micronation located in the Hebrides, was founded in 2016 by Maegan the First. With only a few citizens, Visland has a unique culture and identity. Its flag, a blue background with a white cross in the middle, represents peace and unity.

Maegan the Second, the current queen of Visland, is the 25th great-grandchild of the legendary Viking Rollo and a descendant of many other legendary vikings. *note maegan 1 and maegan 2 are cousins* This connection to history and ancestry is important to Visland's people and is reflected in their Celtic and Norse culture and traditions.

Visland is a complete monarchy, but it is a free nation with a just queen. The nation is focused on self-sustainability and freedom. Although it has no official capital, the biggest city is located on the island of St Kilda, and many of its citizens are what Vislanders call "sea gypsies."

The Icelandic Vikings hold a significant place in the cultural history of the micronation of Visland. Known for their intrepid exploration, seafaring prowess, and sagas of legendary heroes, the Icelandic Vikings played a vital role in shaping the cultural identity of Visland. The Vikings from Iceland were renowned for their strong sense of independence, democratic governance, and literary traditions. Their sagas, epic tales of heroic deeds and Norse mythology, not only preserved the history and mythology of the Viking Age but also served as a source of inspiration for the inhabitants of Visland.

The cultural heritage of the Icelandic Vikings resonates strongly in Visland, with their influence evident in various aspects of society. From naming conventions and traditional ceremonies to the preservation of oral storytelling and the appreciation of ancient Norse literature, the Icelandic Viking legacy is celebrated and upheld in Visland. The micronation cherishes the values of adventure, exploration, and democratic principles that were cherished by the Icelandic Vikings. The cultural richness brought by the Icelandic Vikings serves as a source of pride and inspiration for the people of Visland, connecting them to their Viking roots and fostering a unique cultural tapestry within the micronation.

The significance of water, sea, and ships to the Vislandic people is deeply ingrained in their cultural fabric and historical narrative. As a micronation with a strong maritime tradition, Visland's inhabitants have a profound connection to the water that surrounds their land. The sea, with its vastness and untamed nature, symbolizes both opportunity and challenge for the Vislandic people.

The sea serves as a vital lifeline for the nation, providing abundant resources for sustenance and trade. Fishing has been a primary occupation for generations, and the bounty of the sea has shaped the local cuisine and economic activities. The Vislandic people have developed a profound respect for the sea's unpredictable nature, understanding the importance of balance and harmony with their natural surroundings.

Ships hold immense cultural and historical significance in Visland. Throughout history, ships were the means of exploration, trade, and communication for the Vislandic people. The art of shipbuilding and navigation has been passed down through generations, and shipyards have been centers of craftsmanship and innovation. The Vislandic ships, known for their resilience and versatility, are a testament to the seafaring heritage of the micronation.

Water, sea, and ships are not only practical necessities but also evoke a sense of adventure and exploration among the Vislandic people. They symbolize the spirit of discovery and embody the nation's indomitable will to explore beyond the confines of their shores. The Vislandic people hold a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of the sea, recognizing its role as a unifying force and a source of inspiration for their cultural expressions, traditions, and collective identity.


Maegan Freyja of The House of Normandy 1st -

Coronated on February 8 of 2016

Ruled from February 8 of 2016 to January 18 of 2023

Maegan McKenzie of The House of Normandy and Kennedy (2nd- relation as cousins)

Coronated on January 19 of 2023

Ruling January 19 of 2023 - to present

Defense and Military

The Vislandic Military is yet to be formed but has arms at hand for citizens and residents.

Royal Lineage

The Current Queen is a royal descendant of Rollo Lothbrok and Petty Kings of Norway and Orkney by the House of Normandy and the house of Hwys.

The history of the Hwys family and their connection to Rollo Lothbrok can be traced back to the tumultuous era of Viking exploration and conquest in the 9th century. Rollo Lothbrok, also known as Rollo the Walker, was a legendary Viking chieftain who played a significant role in the formation of the Duchy of Normandy. As the story goes, Rollo was a prominent member of the Lothbrok lineage, a prestigious Viking family with a reputation for their seafaring exploits and ferocious warrior skills.

The Hwys family, on the other hand, emerged as a notable noble lineage in the same region during the Middle Ages. It is believed that they were descendants of Rollo Lothbrok, which solidifies their connection to the legendary Viking chieftain. Over the centuries, the Hwys family rose in prominence, acquiring wealth, lands, and titles through alliances, marriages, and military achievements. Their lineage became intertwined with the history of Normandy, and their Viking heritage remained a point of pride and influence throughout the generations. Today, the Hwys family continues to carry the legacy of their Viking ancestor, Rollo Lothbrok, as a testament to their illustrious and storied past.

addition to their connection to Rollo Lothbrok, the Hwys family also boasts a lineage that is intertwined with the petty kings of Norway and Iceland. The petty kings were local rulers who held significant power and authority during the Viking Age. Through strategic alliances, marriages, and political maneuvering, the Hwys family forged strong ties with these influential figures, cementing their position within the intricate network of Norse nobility.

Over generations, the Hwys family established marital connections with the ruling families of Norway and Iceland, solidifying their status and expanding their influence across the Nordic region. These alliances not only brought political advantages but also facilitated cultural exchange, strengthening the family's ties to their Norse heritage. The Hwys family's association with the petty kings of Norway and Iceland further illustrates their deep-rooted involvement in the rich tapestry of Viking history and their esteemed position among the aristocracy of the time.

Provinces, Colonies and States

These Provinces, Colonies and States include Ardaille and St. Kilda, Ardaille is located in the inner lower Hebrides and St. Kilda is located 40 miles off the north west coast of the outer Hebrides.

The high cliffs of St. KIlda
The Average Weather and Rainfall on St. Kilda



The Current most popular export is wool , fine metals such as gold and quartz , and potatoes, most of these exports come from the norhern islands and Icelandic provinces.


Each Vislandic Krone is worth 1 U.S. Cents and foreign currencies will be able to be interchanged in the post office for VK in January 2028 at the house with the Vislandic Flag on the Island of St. Kilda.

Foliage, Wildlife , and Attractions

(Vislandic Areas) , archipelagos located off the west coast of Scotland and parts of the Faeroe Islands , are home to a wide variety of wildlife and foliage. The islands' rugged terrain, diverse coastline, and temperate climate support a rich and unique ecosystem. These areas are particularly well-known for their birdlife, with species such as eagles, puffins, and gannets all found in the region. The surrounding waters are home to seals, dolphins, whales, and a variety of fish species. On land, these areas are covered in a range of plant life, from heather and ferns to wildflowers and mosses. The islands also feature ancient woodlands, peat bogs, and other diverse habitats. All of these factors combine to create a beautiful and thriving natural environment, making these islands a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. In addition to its diverse wildlife and foliage, these islands also boast a rich cultural history. The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years and are home to numerous archaeological sites and historical landmarks. From ancient stone circles and burial mounds to medieval castles and churches, The Vislandic Isles are a treasure trove of historical and cultural artifacts. The islands also have a vibrant traditional culture, with music, dance, and storytelling still an important part of local life. Visitors to the Vislandic Isles can immerse themselves in this unique cultural heritage while also enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the region. Whether exploring ancient ruins, attending a local festival, or simply enjoying the breathtaking scenery, Visland has a rich and unforgettable experience for travelers of all ages and interests.

Allies Non-aggression Mutual Recognition Unilateral Recognition Enemies
Kingdom of Tranar

Republic of ValeVRG

Macronational Recognition

Visland recognizes all nations with de facto control over their territory, with some exceptions

Recognized Special Status Partial Condemned Illegitimate
 Wales  Ukraine  Kosovo  Russia  Israel
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Canada  Afghanistan  Palestine
 Bulgaria  North Korea  England
 United States
 Czech Republic