Illuminarch Nicholas I

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Illuminarch Nicholas I
Incumbent Illuminarch of the Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia
Name:Nicholas I
Date of Birth:October 9th
Place of Birth:United States
OccupationIlluminarch of Eruditia, student, author & essay writer, guest lecturer, musician

Illuminarch Nicholas I is the incumbent illuminarch of the Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia. He is also the founder of the IUE, and the main driving force behind the new governmental type called an illuminarchy. In addition to this, he is also the primary proponent for the Self-Awareness Movement, a movement attempting to answer the reason and purpose of micronationalism.

While relatively new to the micronational arena, Nicholas has published several works and essays. These works pose and expand upon the essential questions and qualities of micronationalism. Such essays include Ultranationalism, and the Threat of Xenophobia and "Why": A Must-Read for Any Micronationalist.

The current illuminarch of Eruditia, Nicholas was also the founder of Perma Luce & Cylera on Micras, the Omega Complex & Concordia on Archipelago, and the United Republic of Greenlandic Icelanders.

Introduction to Micronationalism

Nicholas was first introduced to the world of micronationalism when he heard about the [[w:Seborga/ Principality of Seborga] and the then-recent death of their leader, Sua Tremendità Prince Giorgio Carbone on NPR. At this time, Nicholas was president of the United Republic of Greenlandic|Icelanders] under the pseudonym "Nicholas Vergara" and started unsuccessfully to begin the Confederacy of Capryca.

After abdicating the Presidency for the URGI and passing it on to Svava Anna-Lena, Nicholas I spent time perfecting a reliable and suitable micronation with which to introduce with. Thus, Eruditia was born.


In late September 2010, Nicholas began drafting the Constitution for the then-Principality of Eruditia. On October 1, the Principality of Eruditia was formed. Quickly, citizens came and registered themselves through emails and the sort. Soon, Nicholas I knew that a principality would not be enough.

So, in an act with Empress Solange of the Chilean Archipelago of Surania and President Svava Anna-Lena of the URGI, Nicholas I merged all three into the new Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia.

Illuminarchy & the Micras Sector

In December 2010, the illuminarch decided to contact the leaders of Micras so that a small island could be claimed for the Illuminarchy. Through several emails, Nicholas clinched the claim, and the permanent settlement of Perma Luce was created. On Perma Luce was a large lighthouse, known as the Pharos, which houses a bathysphere which leads to the Suboceanic City of Cylera. In February 1, 2011, it will be the main beacon for the Aeronautical Embassy of Zephyr.

Eruditia is slated to be a major player in the Micras World Expo 2011. The pavilion is rumored to house art, pamphlets, literature, and dirigibles that lead straight to Zephyr.

"Ray of Light News" and the Illuminarchal Manifesto

On December 2, 2010, Nicholas created the Ray of Light News, which would provide both news for the Union and give a steady flow of illuminarchal writings and ideals in the form of various elaborate essays. This is one of Nicholas' major works which he continues to endeavor in. Many quotes and famous passages are found in the Illuminarchal Manifesto portion of the news.

Once completed, the Illuminarchal Manifesto will be compiled and published; it has already served as a ray of noteworthiness for the Union and remains one of Nicholas' strong points. Many critics see the writings as a "light of shining hope" and has influenced several micronationalists already. While Eruditia remains the only micronation to utilize the illuminarchist system, it is Nicholas I's sincere hope that other micronations can learn from the impending illuminarchist revolution.


Preceded by: Illuminarch of Eruditia Succeded by:
Office Created 1 October 2010 - To Be Determined