Império Zenitista

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Zenitist Empire of Martina and Mercoles
Motto: Obedience discipline serve the sovereign God creating the earth and the seas
Anthem: Hino Nacional do Império Zenitista
File:Minas Gerais, Brazil
Official languagesZenitist
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• (2018 census) census
40 citizens
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the OMLA

The "Zenitist Empire" is a Brazilian micronation founded by Kauan Martins Alves affiliated to the OMLA, being one of the founders of Organização Americana together with São Guimarães


The culture of a culture with a brazlian Russian descendent we have typical dishes in our cuisine like bread pudding our festivals are all in commemoration to god as in the week of the holy supper.


The zenithic empire of Martina and MERCOLES was officially created on 11/17/2018 at 5:29 pm after a plebiscite with approval of + 50%

Government and politics

King: Kauan Martins Alves
Secretary: Adrion

Foreign relations

Allies: São Guimarães, Nikaland
Recognized by: São Guimarães, Reino da Cisplatina, Reino das Terras Unidas and Nikaland


The Army of Zenitist Empire have 30 soldiers. } |Aircraft: 0 |- |Warships: 0 |- |Tanks: 0 |- |Active Soldiers: 20 |- |Reserve Soldiers: 10 |}

Geography and climate

Zenitist Empire is located in Minas Gerais, Brazil your medium temperature is 26 °C


PIB: ~2.000.000 drius
PIB per capita: 50.000 drius
IDH: 0,840


Zenitist Empire is affiliated with the Confederação de Futebol Micronacional and is one of the Latin micronations present in the bloc. Together with São Guimarães, they founded Libertadores da América, whose 1 clubs in their country participate, its national championship, has 8 clubs, in which the first 5 go to Libertadores, a curiosity, is that in the first liberators, all Zenitist Empire clubs were invited. List of Clubs of Zenitist Empire:

Name of Soccer Club National Trophies International Trophies
Clube Atlético Di-Martins Atlético Di-Martins FC.png 1 0

Another sport in Cisplatine its military sports


Research: IMR
Television Channels: Zenitist Empire Channel
Radio Stations: Rádio Imperial

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