Imperial Engagement Day

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Imperial Engagement Day
The hands of the Emperor and Princess Consort displaying their new engagement rings shortly after having proposed to each other.
Observed byEmpire of Austenasia
TypeNational holiday
SignificanceAnniversary of the engagement of Emperor Jonathan I to Princess Consort Hannah
CelebrationsCelebratory meal
Date5 September

Imperial Engagement Day was a public holiday in the Empire of Austenasia. Celebrated on 5 September, the holiday celebrated the anniversary of the engagement of Emperor Jonathan I to Princess Consort Hannah in 2016.

The Emperor and Princess Consort proposed to each other in the Maria Luisa Park while on holiday in Seville on 5 September 2016. The couple indicated at the time of their engagement that it would be several years before they married due to the need to prepare financially for the wedding and for a new house of their own while both completing university degrees.

The holiday was established on 30 January 2017, after the Imperial Engagement Day Act 2017 proposed by Lord John Gordon was passed by Parliament, and was abolished by the Imperial Marriage Act 2022 passed on 9 October of that year. It was therefore celebrated six times, on 5 September 2017-2022. On all six occasions, the day was celebrated privately by the Emperor and Princess Consort, with a celebratory meal on all but the second and sixth.

The imperial couple were married in November 2022. The aforementioned Imperial Marriage Act, while abolishing Imperial Engagement Day, established that from henceforth 5 November would instead be celebrated as a national holiday as the Imperial Wedding Anniversary.