Imperial Federation of Astraluxor

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Imperial Federation of Astraluxor (English)
Imperatoria se Foederata Astralux (Latin)
Имперская Федерация (Russian)
Ïmpêŗïåł Fêðêŗåṯïøñ øf Åšṯŗåłúxøŗ (Astrutan/Astrus)
Motto: Astra Simul Congregari Ascendemus (lat)
To the Stars We Ascend Together (eng)
Royal anthem: To the Stars Astraluxor Ascends Together
Largest cityMeckering
Official languagesEnglish, Astrus
Recognised national languagesAstrus
No Official Imperial Religion
Demonym(s)Astraluxors, Astraluxorian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Enlightened Absolutism
• Czar
His Most Imperial Majesty Czar/Tsar Auberon Rainier IV of the Imperial Astraluxorian Federation and beyond the Seas, War Chief Thundering Yeti, Maharaja of Confloria, King of the Pangeans, Shah of the Light, Tzar of the Astras, Emperor of the Astraluxorian Firewater Tribal Nations, Lord of the Isles, Enemy of the Shadow People, Enemy of the Shadow People, Defender of Gilgamesh and the Platypus
• Governor-General
His Excellency Andrew D. Richter, Archduke of Sentinel
• Vice Governor-General
Prince Logan A. Venture of the Igroc Protectorate
• Speaker of the Disorder
To Be Determined
LegislatureAstraluxorian Derangement
Chamber of Howlers
Astraluxori Disorder
Declared Independence from United States,
Commonwealth of Nations
• Total
0,000 km2 (0 sq mi)
• Water (%)
Unknown - Cartographic Survey Underway
• 2019 estimate
Unknown-Census Underway
CurrencyGalactic Astraxars (IGA)
Time zoneUTC-7 (MST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+69

Astraluxor (officially the The Imperial Federation of Astraluxor and also known as the Astraluxorian Federal Empire) is an unrecognized sovereign state - known in common circles as a micronation - is located in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the former UK Overseas Dependencies and has laid claim to a section of Antarctica. It started as an internet micronation that was brought online in mid 2019. The Empire is heavily influenced by the Russian and British Empires, as well as the United States and its Territories. Thus many traditions, symbols, and shared heritage associated with those areas are adopted by the Astraluxor. The Imperial Federation is actively seeking a place in the greater International Micronational Community.


In mid 2019, the Czar and King of the Imperial Federation of Astraluxor realized the great similarities betwixt the American people and those of Oceania. Thus he set forth to create a common place where they could live in peace and harmony together as one citizenry. However, the ill fated state of Ameristralia from Reddit had tried with the same name before and met its demise. The Imperial Federation of Astraluxor has laid claim to what is former Ameristralia as well as parts of the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The constitution has been drafted, and is set for ratification by years end 2019. There also is a non-aggression treaty with the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand waiting for ratification. Currently in the works is the legal code for the Imperial Federation, which will be voted on in the following months.


The geography of The Imperial Federation of Astraluxor is very diverse, much like its citizens, whom go by the moniker of Astraluxori/Astraluxorians. Its Northern and Main capital is located in the mountains of the US state of Montana as an enclave near Flathead Lake named Freestone, and it lies within the Treadstone Prefecture. The backup capital Sentinel is near Jasper, Alberta, Canada, within a secondary enclave, known as the North Rockwoods Prefecture. The Southern Capital is an enclave located in Hugheston near Melbourne, Australia, now known as the Platypode Prefecture. The Southern back up Capital is Fletcher, which is located in the former British possession of Pitcairn Island.

Administrative Areas

The Imperial Federation of Astraluxor contains many different types of administrative areas. They are:

  • Prefectures
  • Grand Duchies
  • Protectorates
  • Firewater Nation Tribal Zones - Exempt from some of the Empire's laws.


The government is comprised of three institutions: Judiciary, Legislative and Imperial(Executive)

Judicial Branch

Supreme Astraluxori Panel of Justice - is comprised of three Justices. The ruling Sovereign, the Chamber of Howlers, and the Disorder each select one member of the court.
The Criminal Code will outline the basic laws and punishments of the Federal Empire.

Executive Branch

The Head of State is His Most Imperial Majesty, Czar Auberon Rainier IV, Rex, Imperator (since 16 July 1993). The current Head of Government is currently the Governor-General , His Excellency Andrew D. Venture, Archduke of Sentinel. Whomever holds the position of Governor-General will become the new Archduke of Sentinel.

No elections are held as the Imperial Throne is passed on by means of hereditary. The Governor-General is chosen to lead the Astraluxorian Derangement when it is in/in preparations for session.

The Imperial Ministers is appointed by the sovereign on the recommendation of the Governor-General.

Legislative Branch

The Legislature is known as the Astraluxorian Derangement and is comprised of two chambers:

  • The Disorder
  • The Chamber of Howlers

The Derangement is managed by the Governor-General who is appointed to the position by the Sovereign, and remains in the position until the session of the Derangement is dissolved. The Governor-General appoints their successor. The Current Governor-General is His Excellency Andrew D. Richter, Archduke of Sentinel. The Vice Governor-General is Prince Logan A. Venture of the Igroc Protectorate.

The Disorder is the voice of the people, it will contain 42 representatives + 1 Howler (Tie Breaking Vote) which will be divided to the prefectures in a proportionate number for each eligible voting prefecture or Zone based on population and economy. The Disorder is led by the Speaker of the Disorder, who is voted on by their peers and then presents them self to the Tzar for official ascent to the position and then on reports to the Office of the Governor-General of the Astraluxorian Federal Empire.

The Chamber of Howlers, which operates much like a House of Lords. The members of the Chamber of Howlers are members of the Order of the Howlers, a title and peerage granted to by the Tsar King. They double check the bills, acts, and laws passed by the Disorder before sending to the Tsar King for Imperial Assent into Law. No elections for the Disorder have been held, as all citizens thus far equals a number lower than the allotted representatives.


  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Information
  • Ministry of Misinformation
  • Ministry of Learning
  • Ministry of Vice
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Veterans Affairs
  • Ministry of Energy
  • Ministry of Firewater Affairs
  • Ministry of State Security
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Home Office
  • Foreign Office

Foreign relations

There is a non-aggression treaty with the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand waiting for ratification by the Derangement.


Astraluxor's Next Drag Superstar,

National holidays

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • February 17 - Citizens' Day; to celebrate all citizens, past and present, who have contributed to Astraluxor’s continuing success. Offices will remain open for this day.
  • February 29 – Every 4 years you get the extra day from the leap year off.
  • April 20 - Debauchery Day
  • April 21 - Debauchery Recovery Day; To recover from the festivities from April 20.
  • May 19 – Redemption Day; a day of penance and for giving respects to all pimps and panderers in the Imperial Federation of Astraluxorian. Offices will remain open for this day.
  • June 6 – World War Two Commemoration Day – Active Duty ADF members get this day off.
  • July 21 – First Imperial Consort’s Birthday/Orbital Dominance Day; The space program officially began, celebration of the Space fleet, and all successes of Astraluxor’s history of space flight, which was to forever commemorate the birth of the Imperial Consort.
  • August 7 - Green, Blue and Purple Day; Astraluxor’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Pride day. Imperial offices will remain open for this day.
  • Between September 14 and October 5 - Season of Sorrow; represents the exact length of the Dark Age during which no Astraluxorian state existed, but the Astraluxorian Federation existed in exile. Offices will remain open for the duration of this observance.
  • September 16–20 – Empire Exploration Days; Must use these days to visit cultural heritage or national park sites within the empire.
  • October 8 - Independence Day; to commemorate Astraluxor’s peaceful secession
  • November 2 – Astraluxorian Day; to commemorate the founding of the Imperial Federation of Astraluxorian as a sovereign nation
  • Third Wednesday and Thursday and Friday of November - Thanksgiving
  • November 11 - ADF Day; to thank all members of the Astraluxorian Defense Forces past and present for their service.
  • December the 24-25 – Christmas Day


To the Stars Astraluxor Ascends Together Lyrics by Auberon IV, R.,I. Adapted from lyrics by Julia Ward Howe and is to the tune of" Battle Hymn of the Republic” Music by William Steffe

Verse 1

Our eyes have seen the glory of the bonzer (great) Platypode;
It is always looking for adventure, not one that is bestowed;
It hath trained the fateful lightning with a terrible swift sword:
The truth is marching on.

Here comes Astraluxor!
Fight on Astraluxor!
Triumph to Astraluxor!
Astraluxor marches on.

Verse 2

We hath writ a fiery gospel in rows with burnished steel!
"As we deal with our condemners, so with you in turn will deal!
Let the Hero, born Astraluxorian, crush the serpent with his heel,"
Listen, for truth, we shall reveal
The truth is marching on
Verse 3

We always coming like the glory of the morning on the wave,
We are wisdom to the mighty, We are succor to the brave,
The world shall be our playground, and the soul of Time our slave
While we go marching on.


Verse 4

Astraluxor sounds forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
We will sift out the hearts of men before their judgment-seat;
Oh, be swift, our zeal, to answer! Be jubilant, my feet!
Still we go marching on.
Verse 5

In the beauty of the daffodils, we were born across the seas,
With a glory, an Empire built, transfigures you and me.
To the stars we ascend together, Astraluxors truly made us free,
For we’ll always march on.



The Czar is the Grand Marshal of the Astraluxorian Defense Forces. Army, Navy, Air Force, Sputnik Expeditionary Space Legion.

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