Imperial High Court

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The Judicial branch of the government. It decides the compatibility of new legislation with the constitution and also decides high profile cases. The court is presided over by the Ard-Brehon. The Imperial Brehons( High Court Judges) are nominated by both the Lord Minister of Justice and the Seanad Holcetaea, they are then reviewed by the Emperor and the existing Imperial Brehons and if at least half agree than the Emperor will appoint the Brehon. Their are 7 Imperial Brehons, one for each province and one for the Imperial Territories. The court currently meet for triweekly sessions. At the moment do to the constraint of a low population the province's governing nobleman serves as the Imperial Brehon of their own province. The court has the power to reject and accept legislation, their decisions can only be overridden by the Emperor of Holcetaea. The court may review Imperial Decrees that are legal in nature and decide their compatibility or incompatibility with the Imperial Constitution. If they are deemed incompatible the Decree is void in law. The Emperor may put his Decree to the Seanad Holcetaea via the Taoiseach Seanad, and if it wins a simple majority the court's decision is overturned.