Imperial Museum

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Imperial Museum
Imperial Museum.jpg
Curator Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge
Founder Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge
Opened 7 October 2014
Closed 2015
Type Micronational
Location Lichtenstein

The Imperial Museum was a museum of micronationalism located in the Empire of Austenasia. It contained numerous micronational artefacts. The Museum had six exhibitions - the Postal Exhibition, the Flag Exhibition, the Monetary Exhibition, the Migration Exhibition, the Paper Aeroplane Exhibition and the Governmental Exhibition, although the Museum did have some artefacts which did not belong to these listed six.

The idea to create a museum of micronationalism had existed in the mind of the Museum's founder and curator, Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge, for a long time - his collection of micronational artefacts was so vast, after all. However, it wasn't until 2014 when Lord Charles C. actually began to construct the Museum. The creation of the Museum was formally approved of and supported by HIM The Emperor through his 2014 independence day edict, hence why the Museum is 'Imperial' (an adjective which HIM The Emperor consented for the Museum to use through the same edict). The Emperor made some valued donations to the Museum project himself. Lord Charles C. declared the Museum to be open to the public on 7 October 2014 (which Emperor Jonathan I followed with an article in the Austenasian Times). In late 2015 the Museum was gradually deconstructed, but its artefacts remained in Lichtenstein, unavailable for public viewing, until the town's dissolution in 2016.