Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland

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Empire of the Sanarati Republics
Gujarati: સનરાતં
Coat of arms of the Timonocite Empire.png
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: विजयस्य शब्दः श्रूयते ! (Sanskrit: The sound of victory shall be heard!)
Land of a Glorious People

Army March

Imperial Army March
Timonocitian Terrirotial Claims
Left: Controlled territory
Right: Claimed but uncontrolled territory
Largest cityWooleytown
Official languagesEnglish, Gujarati, Excitementorian, Sanskrit
Demonym(s)Timonoucitian, Sanarati
GovernmentConstitutional Heriditary Monarchy and Parliamentary Semi-Democracy
Eshaan I
• Prime Minister
Sohan Mulay
• Army Chief
LegislatureParliament of Timonoucitiland
Establishment28 September 2019
• Total
0.025 km2 (0.0097 sq mi)
• 2023 census
• Density
400/km2 (1,036.0/sq mi)
CurrencyTimonoucitiland Timonoucitian Naahse

Republic of Cubia Cubian Cubecoin (unofficial)
w:India Indian Rupee (unofficial)

w:United States US Dollar (unofficial)
Time zoneUTC-6:00 (June-July) (DRT)

UTC-5:00 (April-May and August-October)
UTC-4:00 (February-April and October-November) (DST)

UTC-3:00 (November-February) (eDST
Preceded by
Republic of SEnteral Excitement
This nation is attempting to join the North Atlantic Diplomatic Union

This nation is a member of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War

The Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland, also known also as Timonoucitiland or the Timonoucite Empire,[a] is an entity located in North America completely surrounded by the United States that once made claims to have status as a microstate. It no longer considers itself as one with the disbanding of its government on 11 March 2023. Currently, it only contains its own territory, constitution, dukes, an emperor, and a legally enforced monopoly of the Aeonic Corporation.

Timonoucitiland's official religion is hindusism, practiced by most of the population as of the 2023 census which happened in December 2022.

Timonoucitiland worked on diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cubia, until its dissolution in June 2021. This led to the Democratic Party of Cubia recognising the Timonoucitiland as an independent nation-state. Timonoucitiland is also a member of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism and the Union Against Micronational War, and are waiting for approval to join the Grand Unified Micronational.

The head-of-state of Timonoucitiland is Emperor Eshaan I, who has recieved significant criticism for appointing Sohan Mulay, the prime minister due to his initial involvement in the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS. Eshaan I is part of the imperial family of Timonoucitiland and his heir will be his son Vijay Chandrasekhar, who the leader claims is "[his] biological son with ChatGPT", however, this is yet to be proven with physical, hard evidence, and this has been denied by Chandrasekhar himself, for artificial intelligences are not yet known to reproduce..


The name Timonoucitiland originates from the older name Timonocite Empire, which in turn originates from the names of the original two nations (SEnteral Excitement and Timo) which were banded together. The origin of both of these names is unknown and/or forgotten, as all papers with evidence before the Timonoucitian First Civil War were destroyed by custodians at the beginning of

The leaders, in the Treaty of Nate City, declared that the new country would be named the Timonocite Empire. In November 2020, the name was "britified" by changing the name from Timonocite Empire to the Timonoucite Empire. Most dictionaries do not display britified as a word, however, the emperor claims that it means "to change an American English word to a word in British English". For formality, the name was changed to "Sanarat", but to modernise it, in July 2021, the name of the nation was finally changed to Timonoucitiland. The demonym was also changed back.

In late August 2021, Emperor Eshaan I removed all references to Timonoucitiland being an empire in official documents, and changed the official name of the nation to the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland. By 25 February 2023, all references to Timonoucitiland being a nation were removed, with the disbanding of the government. They ended recognition of themselves as a country on 11 March 2023.

Timonoucitian name changes
Name Official Name Date
SEnteral Excitement Centre of North American Excitement 28 September 2019
SEnteral Excitement/Timo Centre of North American Excitement 4 October 2019
SEnteral Excitement/Timo The Democratic Principality and Emperor-run Republic of the Centre of North American Excitement 26 January 2020
Timonocite Empire The Democratic Principality and Emperor-run Republic of the Timonocitian Centre of North American Excitement 10 February 2020
Timonoucite Empire Empire of Sanarati Republics 30 November 2020
Sanarati Empire Empire of Sanarati Republics 31 May 2021
Timonoucite Empire Empire of Sanarati Republics 2 June 2021
Sanarat Empire of Sanarati Republics 20 June 2021
Timonoucitiland Empire of Sanarati Republics 13 July 2021
Timonoucitiland/IRT Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland 28 August 2021
Timonoucitiland/USGDT Union of the Great Sovereign Duchies of Timonoucitiland 29 January 2022
Timonoucitiland/USTD Union of Sovereign Timonoucitian Duchies 30 January 2022
Timonoucitiland Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland 15 May 2022
Timonoucitiland Timonoucitian Reich 25 February 2023
Timonoucitiland Grand State of Timonoucitiland 11 March 2023


Map of the Timonoucitiland in February 2020, after the Timonoucitian Civil War.


Timonoucitiland was initially established as the Republic of SEnteral Excitement on 28 September 2022. Days later, before the government had entirely formed, on 4 October 2019, the Timonian Republic had declared independence as a nanonation. This civil war known as the Timonoucitian Cold Civil War erupted with many arguments, and Timo "stole many citizens from SEnteral Excitement".

Cold Civil war

Main article: Timonoucitian Civil War

The civil war began with the disestablishment of the Timo Party of SEnteral Excitement on 6 October 2019, which already had hoped for Timonian independence since the Timonoucitian founding. The next day, a border dispute had emerged. Timo had claimed all land controlled by SEnteral Excitement. However, possibly as a revenge to Timo claiming their territory, SEnteral Excitement chose to claim all Timonian territory.

There were multiple proposals for a united country that sprung up before February 2020. SEnteral Excitement wanted 3 constituent countries (with SEnteral Excitement replacing the old Shreeland, Saraseubad replacing the old Eshaanland, and Timo replacing the old Pravarland). However, Timo preferred that SEnteral Excitement become a part of Timo and further land be claimed around the original territory.

Eventually, Emperor Eshaan I authored a treaty known as the Treaty of Nate City. This was signed by both sides and resulted in a) the division of Nate City, b) the recognition of SEnteral Excitement by Timo, c) the recognition of Timo by SEnteral Excitement, and d) the incorporation of Timo and SEnteral Excitement as equipowerful constituent political entities within a new nation called the Timonocite Empire.

According to government-sponsored sources began on 4 October 2019 and officially ended on 20 February 2020.[1]

Second Civil war

Main article: Timonoucitian Second Civil War

The Second Civil war began with the declaration of independence of the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS. This was mistakenly seen as a rebellion by Timonoucitiland, which promptly invaded. Timonoucitiland apologised a few months later on 10 December 2022.[2] Vijay Chandrasekhar, a once-prominent member of AAAWWUBBIS, chose to accept the apology as if it were a treaty and re-joined Timonoucitiland almost a year after the civil war, which had been stagnant for 5 months at this point.

February Revolution

On 9 February 2023, a decree was signed by Eshaan I that put three new articles, numbered from 25 until 27, into the constitution into effect as of 11AM EST, 10 February 2023. The articles effectively dissolved the legislative branch, for it now had no power. Timonoucitiland, following the act, was made up of constituent nanonation-like entities (countries), similarly to during the Timonoucitian First Civil War.

Article 25: February Revolution Enactment Act

As of 10 February 2023 at exactly 11:00 AM straight, this twenty-fifth, along with the twenty-ſixth and twenty-ſeventh, article to this Conſtitution, the article on the February Revolution, which thou art readingſt right now, ſhall be in full effect.

Article 26: February Revolution Definition Act

No longer ſhall Timonoucitiland be a republic, though in keeping and still in poſseſsion of the full name of the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland. Now shall be the days of glory, for Timonoucitiland will now become the nation form of the largeſt and only emperor-run company in this Nation.

Article 27: February Revolution Effect Act

Article XXV ſhall be immediately followed to the higheſt degree. Timonoucitiland is still to be referred to in all cases as a grand Desh, however, it is not to be treated as such. It is no longer considered a microstate; for it is now merely a political entity.

Politics and government

Law and order

In the past, TEPAJA, which included the police, kept check of the law and order of Timonoucitiland.

Later, this job was abolished and replaced with the supreme court.

Timonoucitiland currently decides laws by a vote taken in parliament. If the vote comes with over 40% of the vote voting in favour of the law, it becomes official. (if 50% or more vote against, then it is not a law) Only the emperor, dukes, and prime minister have the ability to suggest new laws; ones made by the general public must be approved by one of the aboveformentioned people.

Currently, alchohol and smoking are illegal.


The economy of Timonoucitiland was based on the Naahse, the sole official currency. However, most businesses, including the largest, Aeonic, also accept US Dollars.

The main bank is the TIB.[3] Little buying or selling of goods takes place in Timonoucitiland, and even bartering is more common than using USD, thus making it impossible to calculate a gross domestic product.

Foreign relations

Timonoucitiland is seldom recognised by micronation, and is not recognised by anymacronations outside its legislature. However, it was recognised by the Democratic Party of Cubia in Cubia until its subsequent dissolution in June of 2020 due to its status as a joke state.

Hostilities Recognised by Recognises Does not recognise
AAAWWUBBIS  Cubia (formerly by DPC and Gamer Time, defunct) SealandSealand



w:South OssetiaSouth Ossetia





w:TaiwanRepublic of China

 Luhansk People's Republic

 Donetsk People's Republic

w:United StatesUnited States

w:PakistanPakistan and Bangladesh (illegal departure from India)


w:ChinaPeople's Republic of China

 North Korea


and other post-soviet states

Cubia gained recognition in late September 2020, after the Timonoucitiland asked Great Leader Llanfairpwllgwyngyll to join the Timonoucitiland. A few months later, they had declared independence from the UK and refused to join the Timonoucitiland. Timonoucitiland claimed the area until they were convinced to recognise Cubia.[4] In June 2020, Cubia silently dissolved, ending Timonoucitian recognition.


Timonoucitiland is a member of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism and the Union Against Micronational War.

Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

In AMAC, the empire rose to one of the three head statuses (the others with the Republic of Dayane and the United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knight's Templar of the Holy Grail).


Timonoucitiland is divided up into districts, duchies, military locations and territories. In total, there are exactly 7 first-level administrative divisions of the nation, some of which overlap each other. Timonoucitiland entirely consists of residential property, all of which is in the form of disconnected single-family homes fully surrounded by the United States. Due to this nature, most of the subdivisions are non-contiguous with each other, however, they all are located very near to each other.

Land, citizens and population often overlap between multiple subdivisions. Voting may only be done through one of the subdivisions one is a citizen of.

Flag Arms Map Name Population Ruler Sovereignty
Eshaanland flag.png N/A District of Eshaanland 7 (total)

2 (citizens)


HIM Great Emperor Eshaan I

Administered as part of Timo
N/A N/A District of Shreeland 4 (total)

1 (citizens)


His Excellency Shree Avhad

Administered as part of Ahvadis
Timoflag.png Timo Arms.png Grand Duchy of Timo 7 (total)

2 (citizens)


Pravar Gollamudi

Full sovereignty and autonomy
SEnteral Exitement Flag.png SEEcoat.png Great Holy Duchy of Ahvadis 6 (total)

1 (citizens)


His Excellency Shree Avhad

N/A N/A Chandras 4 (total)

1 (citizens)


Vijay Chandrasekhar

Full sovereignty and autonomy
Sbadflag.png N/A Sharaceubad 20 (total)

3 (citizens)


Eshaan I

Divided between Timo and Ahvadis
Crine flag.png N/A Crine Territory 4 (total)

2 (citizens)

Full autonomy
Cupertino Flag.png N/A Cupertino Territory 5 (total)

2 (citizens)

Culture and Media

Timonoucitiland currently has no news reporting services, but if they were made, they would be wholly controlled by the government.

Bans placed on cultural items

On 18 November 2021, Emperor Eshaan I announced a ban of the Comic Sans MS font from being used in any case, whether formal or informal.

In addition to this, on 11 December 2022, he ratified the bill to outright ban TikTok from the entire nation. In parliament, the vote was approved unanimously by all members of the legislature.


The weather in Timonoucitiland is the same as Marlboro Township, New Jersey in the United States as it is entirely surrounded by it. However, Timonoucitiland used the Rankine temperature scale in official documents.

Climate data for Sharaceubad, Timonoucitiland, 1991–2020 normals, extremes 1893–present
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 73
Average high °F (°C) 41.7
Daily mean °F (°C) 32.3
Average low °F (°C) 22.9
Record low °F (°C) −14
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 3.87
Average Snowfall inches (cm) 5.4
trace 4.1
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10.7 9.2 9.9 11.6 12.5 11.8 9.8 10.7 9.1 10.2 9.4 10.1 125.0
Average snowy days (≥ 0.01 in) 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 6
Source: NOAA[5]

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  1. The old name, which was retired from government use in July 2021, is still sometimes used by novice members of the population.


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