Imvrassian Despotate

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A Despotate is a territorial and administrative unit of Imvrassia similar to a Province and includes one or more territorial units. There is at least one residence, the capital of the administrative unit and there may be other administrative subdivisions.
The ruler of a Despotate has the rank of Despotes or Sebastokrator as a member of the Imperial House and the official form is His/Her Highness Despotes / Despotissa or His/Her Royal Highness Sebastokrator / Sebastokrateira (name) Eponymous Archon / Arcontissa of (name of the territory) .
A Despotate is the result of the creation of an appanage for a cadet branch of the imperial House.
A Despotate can be divided into Themes and the Eponymous Archon is able to appoint in each Theme an Archon with the title of Sebastos or Sebaste.
The Eponymous Archon has an assistant and deputy official, the Chartoularios who has the title of Count or Protosebastos.