Independent Communist Party - Democratic Front

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Independent Communist Party - Democratic Front
Founded26 June 2009
IdeologyRennie-Gaffneyism, Erusian nationalism, Democratic Socialism
Political positionExtreme Left to Centre-Left
ColoursRed, Gold
Were you looking for the Erusian National Communist Party, the founding and ruling political party in the same micronation.

The Independent Communist Party - Democratic Front (ICP-DF), formerly the Independent Communist Party, is a somewhat controversial political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Established on 26 June 2009 (applied for registration three days earlier on the 23rd), the Independent Communist Party was founded by micronationalists who had been seeking to create the Democratic Republic of Dantham but found themselves unable to gather enough interest. The day after it's foundation the Independent Communist Party merged with the Erusian Democratic Alliance to form the ICP-DF, creating a strong opposition movement to the ruling Erusian National Communist Party.