Independent Republic of South Bages

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Independent Republic of South Bages
Flag of Independent Republic of South Bages
Coat of arms of Independent Republic of South Bages
Coat of arms
Motto: MicMocMuc
Anthem: Perrea Ijoeputa
LocationBages, Europe
and largest city
Official languagesCatalan
Recognised regional languagesEsperanto, Greek, Latin, Mandarin chinese
• Foundation
7 October 2021
• 2022 census
CurrencyMocador (ṁ)
• Summer (DST)

The Independent Republic of South Bages is a micronation located inside Catalonia with a de facto controlled land of 116.16 m2 but a claimed area of 318.87 km2.


The original Declaration of Independence, written and ratified on 7 October 2021. Written in Catalan.

The republic was created on the 7th October 2021 after a solemn declaration of independence and ratification of the constitution. And soon after, it started issuing citizenship with a current population of 3.

On the 13th January 2022, it expanded its borders and claimed new lands appeared by a volcano in La Palma island. It was done by the government via an official comunication[1].

An ercipenian expedition was the first to ascend the mountain of Punxabudell in more than 80 years, this events occurred in the 19 February 2022 and all the expedition members recived the title of national heroes.[2]

During most of the micronation history the de facto script had been the Latin alphabet but on 1 March of 2022 the government issued a decree making the official scripts of the country the latin alphabet and the modified iberian alphabet, an alphabet based on the ancient iberian one with some modifications to simplify it and adapt it to the catalan language.[3]

The first micronation to be recognised by the Independent Republic of South Bages was the Democratic Republic of Vastia, with who it was signed a mutual recognition and cooperation treaty.

On the 23rd of June of 2022, after the deposition of one of the triarchs by the other two, he attempted to overthrow the government with a coup d'etat wich then lead to the Ercipenian Civil War, a conflict that ended shorthy after it had started and provoked the exile of the deposed triarch.

A year after the creation of the republic, on the 7th of October of 2022, a celebration was held and the leaders held a discourse about the independence day.

International relations

The republic has already established consulates in three nearby towns hoping to inspire more people to join the movement and is planning to start diplomatic relations with other micronations.

Since its apparition, the republic has always followed a politic of free access with the neighbouring countries.


The government is a triumvirate that consists of three people, just 3 because according to the constitution it is the best number. Also as a confessional state, the government members religion is Pastafarianism.

Since it has only 3 inhabitants (excluding tourists and birds, who have a special status) the government can represent accurately all the opinions in the country.

The government makes the announcements regarding on laws and the official declarations via the official site and their official instagram page.


The official currency adopted by the government of the Independent Republic of South Bages is the mocador, paper tissue when literally translated and uses the m with a dot symbol (ṁ). Since its value is based on its entirely in a comercial product it varies according to the product fluctuations value in the local area, actual exchange rates are:

Exchange rates
euro € US dollar $ british pounds £
for 1ṁ 0.0135€ 0.0132$ 0.0118£


Administrative map of the IRoSB in English (not including colonies)

The Independent Republic of South Bages has a geography that differentiates it from its surroundings due to the fact that it consists mainly of 3 plateaus. It also has cities such as Canasta (the capital), Tula and Els Gronxadors (seat of parliament). It is federation of 2 states, a protectorate and a federal district subdivided into 4 provinces. It also includes a colony on the island of La Palma called Novaplaca.[4] The highest point in the country is at an altitude of 195m while the lowest at 190m.


The republic is usually crossed by people since we have an open border acces. Tourists who want to meet the government and visit it will have to ask for it using the instagram official account of the government.


The area has a sub-humid mediterranian continental climate. Summers are hot and rarely snows on winter. The average temperature on 2022 was 16.9 °C.

Local time

Unlike its surronding macronational state, the IRoSB uses the international time withouth summer daylight time. This means that when crossing the border the clocks must be delyed 1h in winter and 2h in summer.