Indokistan-Omahkulon Intervention in Ivanesia

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Indokistani intervention in Ivanesia
Part of Malindo Question
DateAugust 2013
Result Indokistan and Omahkulon Victory
 • Ivanesia absorbed to Indokistan and Omahkulon
 • Ivan Hermawan naturalised as Omahkulon citizen
Commanders and leaders
Tian Abdurrahman
Tommy N.
Ivan Hermawan

A joint Indokistan-Omahkulon intervention to Ivanesia was took place in August 2013, when both countries military enters Ivanesian territory and took over the capital with minimum resistance from their military. Ivanesia was problematic since its establishment, which frustrates its neigbours that attempted to warn Ivanesia on its behaviour. Final decision to intervene on Ivanesia was taken after micronational leaders struggling to diplomatically resolve its issue with Ivanesia, but with no positive response.

Micronational leaders, particularly in Southeast Asian micronational community, had their reactions mixed on the intervention. In response, Indokistani president Tian Abdurrahman send a letter clarifying the situation to the MASA General Assembly in August 2012, easing the tense situation after the action.


Since its establishment in 2013, Ivanesia has been a problem inside Indonesian micronational community, with Ivan Hermawan as the central figure on this issue. Ivan often harassed micronations and fellow micronationalists, throwing rants and nonsensical comments against micronationalists. Indonesian micronationalists became more frustrated after knowing that Ivan had mental issue, which forcing them to handle Ivan in special methods.

After comprehending the severity of the issue they faced, Indonesian micronationalists led by Rayhan Haikal, Tommy N., and Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman initiated a joint donor organisation in mid-2013 to support Ivan Hermawan and Ivanesia. Ivan instead responding negatively on the proposed donor organisation, which renders the initiative failed. Indonesian micronationalists felt disappointed because their goodwill to support Ivan was not positively responded by him.

Despite of warnings from micronational leaders to Ivan Hermawan to improve his behavoiur beforehand, Ivan instead for twice claimed Indokistani regions as Ivanesian. In early 2013, Ivan declared his micronation as an Islamic Sultanate, with entire Indokistani territory was claimed as part of his sultanate, causing broad condemnation from Indokistan. Instead of relinquishing his illegal claims, Ivan again claimed Barakstani region as Ivanesia.


Decision to intervene to Ivanesia was initiated by Indokistani president Tian Abdurrahman and Omahkulon leader Tommy N., both agreed to jointly intervene to Ivanesia. Shortly after, AIM General Assembly declared their full support on the intervention.

In mid-July 2013, Indokistan and Omahkulon leader authorise their respective armed forces to enters Ivanesian territory. Realising that their moves was not strongly resisted by Ivanesia, they continued their route up until the Ivanesian capital. In just a week, entire Ivanesian territory has been under Indokistan-Omahkulon occupation and its entire government neutralised.

As agreed beforehand inside the National Forum, newly-established Indokistani administration inside Ivanesia then removed the Ivanesian Islamic Sultanate and as replacement, establish Ivanesian territory as "West Indokistan" under direct command from President Tian Abdurrahman and was incorporated into the state of Cussex.

Ivan Hermawan final position on intervention was positive, after inconsistently accepted, opposed, and later accepted again the intervention. Beside on agreeing to allow Indokistan and Omahkulon to jointly administer Ivanesian territory, Ivan also agreed to be honoured with Omahkulon citizenship.


Inside Indonesian sector, the intervention was warmly welcomed by micronationalists that hoped that the intervention could end problems that plagued Ivanesia and to bring Ivanesia to the "correct path" of micronationalism. Despite of support from Indonesian micronationalists, several Indokistani citizens initially doubted the intervention, saying that the action was in violation of Indokistani foreign policy doctrine of non-interventionism, nonetheless, majority of Indokistani public supported their government action.

Mixed reactions was showed by Southeast Asian micronationalists, with Amir Syafiq of Bascal and Luis Palay of Kaleido both showed their reactions and declared that they will observe the event well. With several micronations showed their support on the intervention, some others commented that the intervention was unneccessary and was a sovereignty violation.

Realising that the action was not universally accepted, Tian Abdurrahman later made an official clarification letter and read it in front of the MASA General Assembly on 25 August. On the letter, Tian describes the reason, purpose, actions, and claims of support that would justify the intervention.


Ivan Hermawan later broke the agreement signed by him and Tommy N. and decided to led a rebellion in March 2014, successfully gathering support from other micronations for Ivanesian (in 2014 renamed as Malindo) independence. Ivan later failed to fulfill his goal as support for him fell down, which easing Indokistan and Omahkulon to defeat Ivan and bring him to AIM Supreme Court.

Ivanesia problem later also causing diplomatic drift between Indokistan and Arkapore in 2014 conflict. Arkaporean government decision to took a neutral stance was condemned by Indokistan, which accussed Tian Abdurrahman of abandoning the problem that himself has caused it.