Indokistan-Wenang War

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Indokistan-Wenang War
Date3–8 October 2012
Result Indokistan victory
Indokistan Wenang
Commanders and leaders
Jendri Mamahit Oktavianus Mamuaya

Indokistan-Wenang War (Perang Indokistan-Wenang) was a war between Indokistan and neighboring Wenang State. The war was mainly occured in northern part of the country (Al Rasyid Darussalam) where president Jendri Mamahit resided. With western part of the country powerless to help the conflicting regions, local forces alone successfully crushed Wenang powers.


Wenang State was a micronation led by Oktavianus Mamuaya. During Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam ascession to Federal Republic of Indokistan, the region became the only part of the Kingdom that was against the union, which later was peacefully seceded from Al Rasyid Darussalam.

On 24 September, Wenang authorities moved the border marker four meters entering Indokistani territory, which seen as a provocation against Indokistan. The change on border markers were condemned by Jendri Mamahit, but Wenang authorities defend the change by claiming that the new marker was still inside their territory.

On the next day, President Jendri orders Indokistan Armed Forces to be deployed to the border, after seeing the Wenang government sent their 1st Brigade to their border. Jendri's secretary, Syarif Mahmud, later sent to the border to negotiate the retraction of the armies on the night of 25 September. He declared that the border conflict must be solved diplomatically.


Several attempts on diplomatic negotiations that was promised before was failed. Citing reasons that Wenang auhtorities had no respect on the intended negotiations, president Jendri later immediately declared war against Wenang on 3 October. After the declaration of war, Bantik groups declared their support on Wenang, while Indokistan claimed to receiving support from Bugis, Bolaang Mongondow, and Gorontalo groups - this causing the escalation as an enthic conflict.

On 4 October, President Jendri Mamahit was attacked by Wenang troops while observing border regions and deployed troops. This only known attack against Indokistan causing damage on president's vehicle. Deployed Indokistani troops led by Bilal Mokodompit later sent to counterattack the Wenang troops.

After the attacks on Indokistani president, Indokistan Armed Forces later granted permission to access the Wenang territory to defeat the country. Oktavianus Mamuaya, the leader of Wenang, was successfully arrested by Indokistani troops on 8 October when attempting to escape from the Wenang Staat, the capital of the country.


Leader of Wenang, Oktavianus Mamuaya, recognize the defeat of Wenang and immediately agreed to negotiate on the war reparation agreement. On the same day, the "Wenang Staat Agreement" was ratified, and officially ended the war. As agreed before, Wenang authorities were forced to pay Rp500.000 as war reparations to Indokistan before 20 October.

Foreign responses

Most bold reactions were came from fellow LIR Union members, on which Los Bay Petros an Raflesinesian government declared their neutrality on the conflict. On a televised speech made by Los Bay Petrosian president Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman, he hopes that the conflict could be ended immediately, as he also willing to mediate both sided of the conflicting countries.