Indokistan Airways

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Indokistan Airways
IK Airways.png
IATA (planned) ICAO (planned) Callsign
FoundedOctober 2010 (as KistanAir)
Commenced operationsMay 2011 (as Indokistan Airways)
Operating basesJumstraad Airport
Fleet size119
HeadquartersJumstraad, Travenoraș
Key peopleNabil Ihsan
Revenue 1,021,409 $ (2012)
Operating income 520,732 $ (2012)
Net income 981,000 $ (2012)

Indokistan Airways is the flag carrier airline of Indokistan that based in Jumstraad. This airline was established in October 2010 as KistanAir, before it changes name to Indokistan Airways on June 2011. The establishment of Indokistan Airways makes this airline the first private corporation in Indokistan, makes economy of Indokistan revives.

In the establishement as KistanAir in October 2010, the airline was first operating 4 Antonov 28 and 1 Boeing 737-800, before the airline declare bankrupt and reform to Indokistan Airways. The airlines later declare bankrupt again for the second time, on May 2012, and finally revives after receiving US$200.000 and one Boeing 737-800.

Currently, Indokistan Airways held a sistemation program, makes Indokistan Airways will just use one type of aircraft, same technique as the Indonesian airliner Mandala Airlines, and now Indokistan Airways runs more than 100 airplanes that traveled passanger to more than 175 destinations that scattered in Asia, Europe and Australia. Few micronations also already become the destinations for the flights of this airline.


Indokistan Airways currently runs 119 aircrafts from the same type and as regulated by Indokistani govermnment, all of the aircrafts were have registration numbers.

Indokistan Airways Fleet and Registration
Aircraft Registration
Dassault Mercure (115) K4-TMA, K4-TMB, K4-TMC, K4-TMD, K4-TME, K4-TMF, K4-TMG ~ K4-TQJ
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 (4) K4-TQK, K4-TQL, K4-TQM, K4-TQN


Destinations of Indokistan Airways is scattered over Indonesia and Malaysia, few micronations also already become the destinations of the airline.

City Country IMATO Airport
Bandar Rasyidin Al Rasyid Darussalam ADR Sam Ratulangi Airport
Banjarmasin Indonesia BJN Syamsudin Noor Airport
Balikpapan Indonesia BPN Sepinggan Airport
Denpasar Indonesia DPS Ngurah Rai Airport
Dredim Los Bay Petros DRD Allevon - Dredim Intermicronational Airport
Medan Indonesia MES Polonia Airport
Makassar Indonesia MKS Sultan Hassanudin Airport
Sutton Cussex Region STT Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Singapore Singapore SIN Changi Airport

Accidents and Incidents

  • On March 2011, KistanAir Flight 337, a Boeing 737-800 crashed after both pilots started to fight while the Autopilot remained off. CVR recorded that the pilots started to fight 45 seconds before impact. All passengers and crew were killed. This crash was the cause of Dicky L. K. to resign from Indokistan Airways.